Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MathWorks’ Privacy Policy?

You can find it on the Policies and Statements page.  

2. Can other MATLAB Drive users access my MATLAB Drive?

Unless a folder is explicitly shared, other users cannot access your MATLAB Drive files in the MathWorks Cloud. Access is granted via your MathWorks Account credentials. You should not share this information with anyone else. If you use MATLAB Connector which maintains a synchronized copy of your files in a local MATLAB Drive folder, then your files may be accessible to anyone who has access to your computer.

3. How secure are my files in MATLAB Drive?

To access your MATLAB Drive in the MathWorks cloud, you need your MathWorks Account user name and password. All communication with MATLAB Drive servers is secured using TLS. If you use MATLAB Connector, which maintains a synchronized copy of your files in a local MATLAB Drive folder, then the files are only as secure as your computer.  

4. Is there a limit to how large an individual file can be when saving it to MATLAB Drive?

An individual file can't be larger than the size of your storage quota.

5. How much storage do I have in MATLAB Drive?

Anyone with a MathWorks Account has a 5 GB storage quota. If your MathWorks Account is associated to one of the following MATLAB licenses, and the license is current on Software Maintenance Service, your storage quota increases to 20 GB:

6. How do I increase my MATLAB Drive storage quota?

You can increase your quota to 20 GB when you associate your MathWorks Account to a MATLAB license (see the eligible license types above) that is current on Software Maintenance Service. Currently, there is no way to purchase additional storage or otherwise increase your storage quota.  

7. How do I associate a MATLAB license to my MathWorks Account?

Go to the License Center. You will need your license number, which you can get by typing “license” at the MATLAB prompt.

8. What happens when my MATLAB Drive reaches its storage quota?

When you reach your storage quota, you will not be able to perform the following activities in MATLAB Drive:

  • Save or modify files
  • Create new files or folders
  • Upload files or folders
  • Move files or folders
  • Rename files or folders
  • Share folders or accept shared folders

MATLAB Drive online will notify you as MATLAB Drive gets close to the quota and provide a different notification when your MATLAB Drive reaches or surpasses the quota.

On the desktop, if you do any of these activities in your MATLAB Drive folder, none of the changes will sync with MathWorks cloud. MATLAB Connector will notify you accordingly.

9. How do I get below my storage quota so that MATLAB Drive is fully functional?

You can do this by deleting files from your MATLAB Drive. Files in the Deleted Files area do not count against your storage quota. 

10. How do I recover files that I previously deleted from MATLAB Drive?

Files can be recovered from the Deleted Files area of MATLAB Drive online, so long as the files are there. 

11. Why don’t I see files in the Deleted Files area after I delete them from MATLAB Drive?

Files in the Deleted Files area are removed automatically after 30 days. This may happen even sooner if you consume too much storage in the Deleted Files area.  

12. Can I permanently delete my files?

Yes. You can permanently delete files from the Deleted Files area.

13. Can I recover files after permanently deleting them?


14. What is MATLAB Connector?

It is a utility that installs locally, enabling MATLAB Drive on your desktop. You can install it from the MATLAB Drive page

15. Will MATLAB Connector work on my operating system?

The current version of MATLAB Connector is compatible with the same operating systems as the current version of MATLAB.

16. Does MATLAB Connector require MATLAB to be installed on the same computer?

No. MATLAB Connector is a separate application that syncs your files to your MATLAB Drive folder and provides notifications about related events.

17. Will MATLAB Connector work with the version of MATLAB I have installed?

MATLAB Connector is a separate application that syncs your files and provides notifications irrespective of your version of MATLAB. The current version of MATLAB Connector also integrates with MATLAB R2017a and onwards, making it easier to work with MATLAB Drive from MATLAB. 

18. What is MATLAB Drive online?

It provides browser-based access to and management of your MATLAB Drive. You can sign in with your MathWorks Account.

19. Does accepting a shared folder count toward my MATLAB Drive data storage quota?

The calculation for consumed storage includes files in shared folders. Therefore, acceptance of a shared folder invitation may cause your MATLAB Drive to reach its storage quota.

20. Are there limits to how many colleagues I can invite to a shared folder?

Yes, there are limits to how many people you can invite to a shared folder. See the MATLAB Drive documentation for details.   

21. Will my MATLAB Drive contents be available if I am inactive for a prolonged amount of time and a lapsed Software Maintenance Service?

Please refer to the documentation regarding the your saved content after prolonged inactivity.