Perform MATLAB and Simulink computations on clusters, clouds, and grids

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server lets you run computationally intensive MATLAB® programs and Simulink® models on computer clusters, clouds, and grids. You develop your program or model on a multicore desktop computer using Parallel Computing Toolbox and then scale up to many computers by running it on MATLAB Distributed Computing Server. The server supports batch jobs, parallel computations, and distributed large data. The server includes a built-in cluster job scheduler and provides support for commonly used third-party schedulers.

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server provides licenses for all MathWorks toolboxes and blocksets, so you can run your MATLAB programs on a cluster without having to separately acquire additional product-specific licenses for each computer in the cluster.

See the list of products ineligible for use with MATLAB Distributed Computing Server.

Options for parallel computing in the cloud with MATLAB

Scale Parallel MATLAB Applications to Amazon EC2 Using Cloud Center (4:14) - Video


Using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Access multiple workers that receive and execute MATLAB code and Simulink models.

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Use a specific number of MATLAB workers that run simultaneously on a cluster. 

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