Semiconductor lithography simulator


  • Simulates optical lithography
  • Simulates full resist process
  • Cost-effectively investigates process performance improvements
  • Accurately explores the effects of process variables


PROLITH, the worldwide standard for lithography simulation, provides a comprehensive representation of all lithography process steps and parameters. The PROLITH optical lithography modeling capabilities enable you to maximize yield, rapidly implement new processes and technologies, and increase your lithography equipment utilization. PROLITH's aerial image and 3-D resist image predictions have proven accuracy. As a result, PROLITH has helped lithographers significantly reduce process development and optimization times resulting in moving products to market faster.

End users of PROLITH include R&D engineers in semiconductor and reticle manufacturing facilities as well as process design and control engineers in similar facilities. Students in universities can also use PROLITH to gain an understanding of optics, resist chemistry, and the semiconductor process. MATLAB users can communicate with PROLITH through a fully automated COM-based PROLITH Programming Interface (PPI). The PPI includes a comprehensive library of MATLAB code to control and analyze simulation results, as well as change simulation parameters based on the data. Advanced users can use MATLAB scripts to derive "mask files" using the Image Processing Toolbox and input them back to PROLITH. Similarly, MATLAB and the Optimization Toolbox can be used as the master controller of a lithography optimization process.

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