Software for analyzing and optimizing occupant safety designs.


  • Worldwide standard for occupant safety simulation
  • Unique combination of MB, FE & CFD technology
  • Advanced solutions for airbag simulation
  • Complete databases of crash dummy models
  • Validation of human models for precrash and crash
  • Real-time restraint control for belts and airbags


MADYMO is a software suite for analyzing and optimizing occupant safety designs. Using MADYMO, researchers and engineers can model, analyze, and optimize safety designs early in the development process, thus reducing the expense and time involved in building and testing prototypes. Adopting MADYMO also minimizes the risk of making design changes late in the development phase. For new or improved vehicle models and components, MADYMO cuts cost and reduces the time to market. MADYMO simulations correlate well with real crash test results. Safety designers can apply design-of-experiments methods, optimization, or stochastic techniques together with MADYMO to explore the effects of multiple design variables simultaneously.

The interface to MATLAB® and Simulink® enables combined simulation of MADYMO and Simulink models. A range of sensors and actuators in MADYMO can communicate on each timestep with Simulink models. The most common application consists of MADYMO models of mechanical systems coupled to Simulink models of controllers and other systems.

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