Avnet MiniZed

MiniZed single-core Zynq 7Z007S development board


  • Xilinx Zynq XC7Z007S SoC
  • Micron 512 MB DDR3L
  • Micron 128 Mb QSPI flash
  • On-board USB-to-JTAG and debug UART circuit
  • Murata "Type 1DX" wireless module with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 plus EDR and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Arduino-compatible shield interface


Avnet®'s MiniZed Support Package for Simulink® allows fast design exploration without needing to be an SoC expert. Simulink designers use a push-button workflow to simulate their algorithm, generate code with MathWorks® Embedded Coder® and HDL Coder™, then deploy the executables on MiniZed. A network connection to Simulink will be used to instrument and debug the deployed model running on the Zynq SoC. Zynq SoC designers will appreciate this workflow's ability to automate various tedious and error-prone aspects of designing with the Zynq SoC.

MiniZed is a Zynq 7Z007S single-core development board. With the advent of the latest cost-optimized portfolio from Xilinx, this board targets entry-level Zynq developers with a low-cost prototyping platform. It features a compact design and includes on-board connectivity through USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Peripherals can be plugged into dual Pmod™-compatible connectors, the Arduino-compatible shield interface, or the USB 2.0 host interface. JTAG circuitry is incorporated onto the MiniZed™ base board, so with a single micro-USB cable to your laptop, you are up and running. User LEDs, a button, and a switch allow for a physical board interface.

The Avnet MiniZed Support Package for Simulink enables developers to use the MathWorks Zynq hardware-software codesign workflow to target MiniZed from HDL Coder and Embedded Coder, with the generated code downloaded to the MiniZed platform over Wi-Fi. The support package can be downloaded here from MathWorks File Exchange.

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