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Easy to use, GUI based tool to analyze, validate, postprocess, visualize and simulate (micro) PIV data. Optional parallel computing.

A new nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm for global optimization problems

FOMCON toolbox for MATLAB is dedicated to fractional-order modeling and control of dynamic systems.


Version 3.1.3

by Chad Greene

Simply plot national and US state boundaries, with or without Matlab's Mapping Toolbox.



by Chad Greene

An easy gif generator


Version 2.3

by Damien Garcia

SMOOTHN allows automatized and robust smoothing in arbitrary dimension w/wo missing values

polarPcolor draws a pseudocolor plot in polar coordinates with a polar grid.

Y = INPAINTN(X) computes the missing data in the N-D array X.


Version 1.0.6

by Sefa Aras

Fitness-Distance Balance (FDB): A New Selection Method for Meta-Heuristic Search Algorithms

Perceptually-uniform colormaps inspired by oceanography

HDF5 / NetCDF4, file IO, system functions that should be included in Matlab

Co-simulation of EnergyPlus models in Matlab/Simulink.

Or: Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab, Greenland Edition

The modal damping ratio of a Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDOF) System is estimated using ambient vibrations data

A toolbox for analysis and display of Antarctica-related data

Quickly create publication-quality plots: automatic colors & subplots, stats, violin/box plots, etc.

A three-variate spatially correlated turbulent wind field is simulated in three dimensions.

Toolbox for simulating hybrid systems and plotting hybrid arcs in MATLAB and Simulink.

Pre-trained Neural Network Toolbox Model for 3D ResNet-18 Network

An implementation of the TraCI interface for Matlab.

The modal parameters of a line-like structure are estimated in the time domain using displacement records only.


Version 1.0.1

by Sefa Aras

A novel Stochastic Fractal Search Algorithm with Fitness-Distance Balance for Global Numerical Optimization

A MATLAB program for the analysis of digital elevation models

Various tools for working with large point clouds

Perceptually uniform scientific colormaps from Fabio Crameri.

Implementation of our paper "11K Hands: Gender recognition and biometric identification using hand images"

The function binAveraging smoothes noisy power spectral density estimates or simply average scattered data into bins

A complete MEaSUREs grounding line, coast line, and mask dataset from Mouginot et al.

Get Bedmap2 data into Matlab. Several tools for data access, interpolation, and plotting.

Sperm Swarm Optimization (SSO)

The eigenfrequencies and modes shapes of a suspension bridge are calculated using a continuum model

GIBBON: The Geometry and Image-Based Bioengineering add-ON for MATLAB

Computes the friction factor in pipes for given values of the Reynolds number (Re) and the relative roughness coefficient (epsilon).


Version 1.424

by Samuel Cooper

App for analysis of image based geometry data in terms of tortuosity factors, volume fractions, surface areas and triple phase boundaries.

This package implements the Gradient Vector Flow (GVF) in C++/MEX.

Modal parameters identification from ambient vibrations measurement using the FDD


Version 2.0

by Chad Greene

Fit an annual sinusoid to data using a least-squares approximation.

Optimal Power Flow (OPF) Problem version 1 using metaheuristics


Version 2.1.1

by Mustafa Saraoglu

Model-based Autonomous Traffic Simulation Framework to develop automated driving algorithms and test them in an urban traffic environment.

Generate power-law colored noise signals of any dimensions.

In this model, a Microgrid test system based on the 14-busbar IEEE distribution system is proposed.

The Discrete Fourier transform is compared to the double integration technique when transforming acceleration to displacement records

MATLAB implementations of a subset of the C++ library, GeographicLib

How long will humanity survive to zombiism ?

DeepESN2019a: Deep Echo State Network (DeepESN) Toolbox v1.1

This demo shows how the multiobjective cuckoo search works.

Statistical analysis using resampling methods

MATLAB/Python Codes for the Image Inpainting Problem

Please run this demo file to generate three different types of surfaces (1) Fracal surface (2) Sinusoidal surface (3) Random surface

VST plugin that performs convolution reverb from random room impulse responses generated via a genetic algorithm.

The Model Comparison Utility provides command line functions for supporting model comparison.

Simulation of spatially correlated wind velocity time-histories

Object Detection using Deep Learning tool.

The dynamic displacement response of a line-like structure to an uncorrelated Gaussian white noise input is computed in the time domain.

Compute the eigenfrequencies and mode shapes of a continuous beam with different boundary conditions

Computes curvature and curvature derivative tensors in each vertex of a triangle meshes


Version 1.0.0

by Kohei Yatabe

A simple and user-friendly tool for computing STFT/DGT

Minimalist Matlab implementation of a random process generation in one point using the spectral method

MIB2 is an update package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets

Numerical implementation of an extended SEIR model with time-dependent death and recovery rates

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