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.fig to image conversion
Updated 14 Nov 2019

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% Converts all .fig files in input directory to specified output image type.
% Ouptuts are generated in the same directory as the source .fig files.
% Image file names match those of the converted .fig files.
% Syntax:
% fig2img
% fig2img(figDir)
% Where:
% figDir (optional) - directory (or cell array of directories) containing .fig files to be converted;
% defaults to current directory
% Additional input parameters are available:
% 'dimensions' - desired pixel dimensions ([width,height]) of exported image(s); defaults to [1200,900]
% 'resolution' - desired resulution (dpi) of exported image(s); defaults to 150
% 'format' - desired image format to be used with the print() function; defaults to '-dpng'
% 'overwrite' - logical flag to overwrite existing image file(s) if they already exist; defaults to false
% 'parallel' - logical flag to attempt to use distributed computing toolbox;
% useful for large (size or quantity) .fig files; defaults to false
% 'recursive' - logical flag to execute recursively through the input directories; defaults to false
% 'verbose' - logical flag to print status to command window; defaults to true
% These parameters are set by:
% fig2img(figDir,'parameter',value,...)

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Inspired by: Exportfig, fig2img, export_fig

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