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MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink :dsPIC, PIC32 and SAM mcu

version 3.50.17 (30.2 MB) by Lubin Kerhuel
Microchip support package for Embedded Coder


Updated 24 Nov 2021

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MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink

MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink enables Embedded Coder to target boards equipped with a dsPIC ®️, PIC32 ®️, SAMx2, SAMx5 or SAMx7.

This support package is functional from Matlab R2015a and beyond.

Installation / Update

View MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink :dsPIC, PIC32 and SAM mcu on File Exchange

as an add-on

  1. With Matlab add-on feature, search MPLAB Device Block for Simulink. Use "download and add to path". Type picInfo and follow links to copy example in your current working directlry.

If you used download only, go to the mchp subfolder and run picsetup to set-up matlab path.

as an independant package

  1. Download the add on from mathWorks website, or alternatively from the github repository
  2. unzip and execute the .p installer script available in the subfolder "installer_old". From matlab, right clink on the install.p file and execute.
    The MCHP_example folder is created in the current folder with a copy of simple examples.


  • picclean: clean-up matlab path from previous installations.

  • picsetup: from the mchp sub-folder, re-configure the matlab path if required.

  • picInfo('check'): Verify installation of compilers and tool to program chips

  • picInfo('examples'): copy example in current working folder

  • picInfo('cmd'): list command

Visit the Microchip blockset forum


Library blocks configure peripherals and inserts code in the MathWorks generated code by embedded coder. (non-exhaustive peripheral block list: ADC, QEI, PWM, IC, OC, CN, I2C, SPI, UART, Op-Amp, Comparator, DAC...) No embedded programming knowledge is required. The toolbox transforms any board equipped with a supported MCU into a rapid control prototyping tool and enable a model-based design development scheme.


  • Built-in scheduler including single-tasking and multi-tasking option for multi-rate models.
  • Advanced configuration of ADC / PWM peripheral enable PMSM motor algorithm where ADC sample time is triggered precisely within a PWM duty-cycle. The time step might also be triggered by end of ADC conversion minimizing delays.
  • A custom protocol allows visualizing and recording data through the UART. The custom picgui interface allows plotting using your own matlab script incoming data in real-time. Data log enable further analysis or offline identification and allow to feed a simulation with real data.
  • The custom "C function" block allows including your own code if required.

The blockset also support MathWorks features:

  • Processor in the loop (PIL)
  • External mode.
  • Code replacement to benefit from DSP architecture of dsPIC

This version embed a third part tool adding blocks for UAVs projects (GPS, MAVLink, Receiver S.BUS, S.Port and F.Port blocks for dsPIC). Type picInfo to find out how to install the UxV blocks.


  • MathWorks (from R2015a to R2020b)
    • Matlab
    • Simulink
    • Embedded Coder
    • Matlab Coder
    • Simulink Coder
  • Microchip Ide
  • Microchip Compiler:
    • xc16 compiler for 16 bits devices download (dsPIC)
    • xc32 compiler for 32 bits devices download (PIC32, SAMx5, SAMx7)
  • Microchip programmer:
    • PicKit4
    • ICD4
    • J-32
    • Snap programmer
    • Real-Ice
    • PicKit3
    • ICD3
    • Microchip kit Embedded programmer (EDBG)
    • ...


Release notes

  • v3.50.17:

    • Fixed programming not working form Linux (issue from 3.50.16)
    • Update installer. Simplify installation as an add-on.
  • v3.50.16:

    • C Function Call: fixed issue breaking simulink datatype class settings
    • Matlab R2021b: code generator report not showing-up. Renamed compilation from .X to _X
    • Improving DFP & CMSIS search script
    • SAMx7 ADC: remove pull-up on analog chanels
    • SAMx5 UART: add distinct priority for Tx & Rx
    • SAMx5 UART: some baudrate setting were not working (no output)
    • SAMx: removed register keyword wich might cause issue at compilation
    • dsPIC PWM FEP: not working wheh channel 1 were not used
    • dsPIC with dual core: always re-compile Main model code required.
    • dsPIC: fixed code generated issue with SPI peripheral
    • dsPIC: remove default fuse set for Brown Out reset
    • dsPIC: fixed short double setting in MPLAB X project
    • Improved MPLAB X project creation
    • External mode: Add XCP protocol option (experimental)
  • v3.50.13:

    • dsPIC CH (dual core): Fixed Main/Secondary Interface. MSI Fuse not configured
  • v3.50.12:

    • SAMx: Fixed Link Time Optimizer incorrect syntax
    • SAMx: Added CAN example for SAMx7
    • SAMx: Optimized DCache update
    • SAMx7: Fixed typo on UART Tx when set with DMA & single buffer
  • v3.50.11:

    • Improved robustness for long or special path with Windows & Linux
    • SAMx7 QDEC peripheral: added Index edge option
  • v3.50.10:

    • dsPIC CH update Slave->Secondary call convention for XC16 1.70
  • v3.50.09:

    • Fixed Watch dog not Disabled for some (ds)PIC chips reseting after few seconds.
    • Updated PIL & External mode for dsPIC with R2020b + updated example with dsPIC33CK Curiosity board
    • Fixed SAMx7 AFEC (ADC) possible issue with channel inversion (wrong block outputs)
    • SAMx7 improved library inclusion in MPLAB X project
  • v3.50.08:

    • Added SPI & I2C Support for SAMx2 & SAMx5
    • picflash issue when multiple MPLAB X above v5.45 installed
    • SAMx5 Number of UART listed might be incorrect
    • SAMx5 ADC Time Step Trigger Parameters lost when model is saved
    • SAMx Improved performance by removing some instruction barriere (DSP & ISB)
    • dsPIC ADC HS SAR Fractional mode : typo prevent compilation.
  • v3.50.07:

    • SAMx5 & SAMx7 Busy flag (for CPU load measurement ) stuck to 1 after short period of time
    • SAMx chip: Add CMSIS DSP librar to MPLAB X project when using CRL (Required Mathworks Support Package for ARM Cortex-M)
    • SAMx7 PWM event set to instant 0 had no effect
    • SAMx7 ADC: Fixes on AFEC 1 behaviour (not working when used without AFEC0, Issue with triggering time step when used with AFEC 0)
  • v3.50.06:

    • dsPIC 33FJxxGS had incorrect fuse option name (compilation break)
    • Internal error might cause incorrect peripheral behaviour with blocks supporting multiple instantiation
    • Fixed issue introduced with 3.50.04 that break compilation of model embedding a model reference block (sub-model)
  • v3.50.05:

    • DFP & CMSIS DSP library search path not proposing newly installed package/library Linux: CMSIS DSP lib failed at compilation time
    • MPLAB X project not created (R2020b, SAMx7)
  • v3.50.04:

    • Added SAMx7 PWM Override block
    • SAMx Peripheral Port mapping issue when a peripheral set-up several time the same pin (i.e. ADC multiple conversion of the same input pin on SAMx7)
    • Fixed issue with MW environment block Sim/CodeGen for mixed model (simulation & code generation) (update)
  • v3.50.03:

    • Fixed issue with MW environment block Sim/CodeGen for mixed model (simulation & code generation)
  • v3.50.02:

    • Fixed CMSIS DSP Library possibly added with incorrect path for SAMx5 & SAMx2
    • Enabled CMSIS DSP library link option
    • Fixed SAMx7 PWM1 trigger not set on ADC depending on PWM0 and on blocks PWM0/1 execution order
  • v3.50.01:

    • Fixed UART DMA Tx implementation for SAMx7
  • v3.50

    • Support SAM C2x / D2x / DA1
    • SAMx5 ADC: Multiple conversion per ADC, Trig ADC, Synchronize with Time Step, initialize with NVM factory calibration.
    • SAMx5 QDEC: Add further options and simplify GUI.
    • Linux support (except PIL & External Mode)
    • dsPIC Code Replacement fixed on R2021a
    • dSPIC CH/CK fixed issue on PWM HS for noncontiguous channel setup. Duty cycle block input swapped (Ch1-Ch3)
    • CHANGE BEHAVIOUR !! SAMx7 PWM: Dead Time initial value were divided by 2. (1us on GUI set 0.5us on board)
    • Issue if no CMSIS installed
    • Improved Simulink compiler option set in MPLAB project created.
    • Improve doc block ability to locate online chip datasheet
    • picgui update
  • v3.49.02

    • PWM HS FEP fixed several issues
    • programming interface update. overall speed improvement
    • Support Seeger programming hardware (J-32 / J flash Seeger driver)
    • ...
  • v3.49.01:

    • Fixed PIL issue with dsPIC / R2018b
  • v3.49:

    • Updated External-Mode & PIL. Added examples
    • SAMx scheduler robust to overload
    • PICGUI: data visualisation run in background
    • MPLAB X project creation is more robust
    • dsPIC UART Driver update (typo fixed, robust in idle tasks sending data)
    • dsPIC EV watch dog setting fixed
    • Task State block fixed pin settinf for SAMx
    • Update makefile with R2020b template
    • dsPIC 30f default fuse value is not 1 by default. Write all fuses
    • dsPIC CK/CH fixed code replacement FastMemCpy implementation
    • dsPIC CCPx timer typo for some blocks that use timer
    • Updated PIC32 IPL switch function
  • v3.48:

    • Added SPI & I2C for SAMx5 family
    • ADC for SAMx5: fixed AIN0 channel input not working
    • Added support for 64 bit MPLAB X Ide (v5.45 and above)
    • Fixed I2C & SPI register names for some dsPICs (EV, FJ)
    • dsPIC Change Notification / Input Capture: Fixed GUI Error when copy-past block to a model with a different chip
    • Relaxed conditions triggering SINCOS Code Replacement.
  • v3.47.00:

    • Added SPI support for dsPIC GS, CH, CK
    • Fixed pin mapping inconsistency on dualcore dsPIC for Secondary Core
    • Fixed generic issue with former Matlab release
    • Fixed MPLAB X project creation with R2019a
  • v3.46.064:

    • Improved SAMx5 support. Added SPI support
    • Fixed issue with dual core dsPIC support. Renamed core appelation with Main and Secondary.
    • Fixed MPLAB X project not created with R2020b
    • Added PIC32 GPK MCG and GPG
  • v3.46.063:

    • Support for SAMx5 familly
    • Fixed search issue for recent XC compilers
    • Support external CMSIS and DFP packages
    • Renamed scripts pad and padr to picgui.pad/padr (Conflict with MathWorks scripts on recent versions)
  • v3.46.05:

    • Fixed compiling issue when using a model reference block (compiling submodel as a library)
  • v3.46.04:

    • PIC32: Extend limited choice for output pin function (Pin mapping)
  • v3.46.03:

    • fixed Java related issue with programmer interface
  • v3.46.02:

    • SPI fixed DMA support for PIC32. Added 8 bit mode with DMA enabled for dsPIC
  • v3.46.01:

    • Programmer interface (Java might not be found)
    • SAMx7 chip issues with doc block ; MPLAB X project
    • Installer script propose old installation method (might fix add-ons issues related to user permissions in classroom/lab configuration)
  • v3.46.00:

    • Added support for dual core dsPIC CH
  • v3.45.05:

    • Fixed QEI typo in generated code (PIC32MK)
    • fixed SPI typo affecting slave mode (PIC32)
  • v3.45.04:

    • Fixed possible issue with MPLAB X project creation with model targeting PIC32
    • Fixed Typo on Timer code generator for PIC32 (project not compiling when problem occurs)
    • Added an External Mode example for PIC32MZ + minor update on other example and script compiling all models
  • v3.45.03:

    • Fixed wrong heap linker flag at command line for PIC32 when using Compiler Option block
    • Fixed PIL and External Mode GUI not showing the model UART block settings.
  • v3.45.02:

    • Added IPE or MDB choice for programming (previously automatically selected)
    • Added support for comparator for dsPIC33FJxxMC 02/06
    • Added support for SNAP and PICKIT 4 programmer with MDB interface
    • Removed files generated by programmer interface (MDB or IPE) in working folder.
    • Fixed some issue with SAMx70 and SAMx71 family
    • Reduced Wait State for SAMV
    • Updated motor example for SAME70 PIM with MCLV2 board
    • Added missing dsPIC33CK
    • Improved compatibility with Matlab R2010a
    • Extended block GUI text fields which can evaluate workspace variables
    • UxV toolbox: improved compatibility with R2010a

Supported MCUs (507)

30F2010 30F2011 30F2012 30F3010 30F3011 30F3012 30F3013 30F3014 30F4011 30F4012 30F4013 30F5011 30F5013 30F5015 30F5016 30F6010 30F6011 30F6012 30F6013 30F6014 30F6015 32MK0256GPG048 32MK0256GPG064 32MK0256MCJ048 32MK0256MCJ064 32MK0512GPG048 32MK0512GPG064 32MK0512GPK064 32MK0512GPK100 32MK0512MCF064 32MK0512MCF100 32MK0512MCJ048 32MK0512MCJ064 32MK0512MCM064 32MK0512MCM100 32MK1024GPK064 32MK1024GPK100 32MK1024MCF064 32MK1024MCF100 32MK1024MCM064 32MK1024MCM100 32MZ1024EFG064 32MZ1024EFG100 32MZ1024EFG124 32MZ1024EFG144 32MZ1024EFH064 32MZ1024EFH100 32MZ1024EFH124 32MZ1024EFH144 32MZ1024EFM064 32MZ1024EFM100 32MZ1024EFM124 32MZ1024EFM144 32MZ2048EFG064 32MZ2048EFG100 32MZ2048EFG124 32MZ2048EFG144 32MZ2048EFH064 32MZ2048EFH100 32MZ2048EFH124 32MZ2048EFH144 32MZ2048EFM064 32MZ2048EFM100 32MZ2048EFM124 32MZ2048EFM144 33CH128MP202 33CH128MP203 33CH128MP205 33CH128MP206 33CH128MP208 33CH128MP502 33CH128MP503 33CH128MP505 33CH128MP506 33CH128MP508 33CH256MP205 33CH256MP206 33CH256MP208 33CH256MP505 33CH256MP506 33CH256MP508 33CH512MP205 33CH512MP206 33CH512MP208 33CH512MP505 33CH512MP506 33CH512MP508 33CH64MP202 33CH64MP203 33CH64MP205 33CH64MP206 33CH64MP208 33CH64MP502 33CH64MP503 33CH64MP505 33CH64MP506 33CH64MP508 33CK128MP202 33CK128MP203 33CK128MP205 33CK128MP206 33CK128MP208 33CK128MP502 33CK128MP503 33CK128MP505 33CK128MP506 33CK128MP508 33CK256MP202 33CK256MP203 33CK256MP205 33CK256MP206 33CK256MP208 33CK256MP502 33CK256MP503 33CK256MP505 33CK256MP506 33CK256MP508 33CK32MP102 33CK32MP103 33CK32MP105 33CK32MP202 33CK32MP203 33CK32MP205 33CK32MP206 33CK32MP502 33CK32MP503 33CK32MP505 33CK32MP506 33CK64MP102 33CK64MP103 33CK64MP105 33CK64MP202 33CK64MP203 33CK64MP205 33CK64MP206 33CK64MP208 33CK64MP502 33CK64MP503 33CK64MP505 33CK64MP506 33CK64MP508 33EP128GM304 33EP128GM306 33EP128GM310 33EP128GM604 33EP128GM706 33EP128GM710 33EP128GP502 33EP128GP504 33EP128GP506 33EP128GS702 33EP128GS704 33EP128GS705 33EP128GS706 33EP128GS708 33EP128GS804 33EP128GS805 33EP128GS806 33EP128GS808 33EP128MC202 33EP128MC204 33EP128MC206 33EP128MC502 33EP128MC504 33EP128MC506 33EP16GS202 33EP16GS502 33EP16GS504 33EP16GS505 33EP16GS506 33EP256GM304 33EP256GM306 33EP256GM310 33EP256GM604 33EP256GM706 33EP256GM710 33EP256GP502 33EP256GP504 33EP256GP506 33EP256MC202 33EP256MC204 33EP256MC206 33EP256MC502 33EP256MC504 33EP256MC506 33EP256MU806 33EP256MU810 33EP256MU814 33EP32GP502 33EP32GP503 33EP32GP504 33EP32GS202 33EP32GS502 33EP32GS504 33EP32GS505 33EP32GS506 33EP32MC202 33EP32MC203 33EP32MC204 33EP32MC502 33EP32MC503 33EP32MC504 33EP512GM304 33EP512GM306 33EP512GM310 33EP512GM604 33EP512GM706 33EP512GM710 33EP512GP502 33EP512GP504 33EP512GP506 33EP512GP806 33EP512MC202 33EP512MC204 33EP512MC206 33EP512MC502 33EP512MC504 33EP512MC506 33EP512MC806 33EP512MU810 33EP512MU814 33EP64GP502 33EP64GP503 33EP64GP504 33EP64GP506 33EP64GS502 33EP64GS504 33EP64GS505 33EP64GS506 33EP64GS708 33EP64GS804 33EP64GS805 33EP64GS806 33EP64GS808 33EP64MC202 33EP64MC203 33EP64MC204 33EP64MC206 33EP64MC502 33EP64MC503 33EP64MC504 33EP64MC506 33EV128GM002 33EV128GM003 33EV128GM004 33EV128GM006 33EV128GM102 33EV128GM103 33EV128GM104 33EV128GM106 33EV256GM002 33EV256GM003 33EV256GM004 33EV256GM006 33EV256GM102 33EV256GM103 33EV256GM104 33EV256GM106 33EV32GM002 33EV32GM003 33EV32GM004 33EV32GM006 33EV32GM102 33EV32GM103 33EV32GM104 33EV32GM106 33EV64GM002 33EV64GM003 33EV64GM004 33EV64GM006 33EV64GM102 33EV64GM103 33EV64GM104 33EV64GM106 33FJ128GP202 33FJ128GP204 33FJ128GP206 33FJ128GP206A 33FJ128GP306 33FJ128GP306A 33FJ128GP310 33FJ128GP310A 33FJ128GP706 33FJ128GP706A 33FJ128GP708 33FJ128GP708A 33FJ128GP710 33FJ128GP710A 33FJ128GP802 33FJ128GP804 33FJ128MC202 33FJ128MC204 33FJ128MC506 33FJ128MC506A 33FJ128MC510 33FJ128MC510A 33FJ128MC706 33FJ128MC706A 33FJ128MC708 33FJ128MC708A 33FJ128MC710 33FJ128MC710A 33FJ128MC802 33FJ128MC804 33FJ12GP201 33FJ12GP202 33FJ12MC201 33FJ12MC202 33FJ16GP304 33FJ16MC304 33FJ256GP506 33FJ256GP506A 33FJ256GP510 33FJ256GP510A 33FJ256GP710 33FJ256GP710A 33FJ256MC510 33FJ256MC510A 33FJ256MC710 33FJ256MC710A 33FJ32GP202 33FJ32GP204 33FJ32GP302 33FJ32GP304 33FJ32MC202 33FJ32MC204 33FJ32MC302 33FJ32MC304 33FJ64GP202 33FJ64GP204 33FJ64GP206 33FJ64GP206A 33FJ64GP306 33FJ64GP306A 33FJ64GP310 33FJ64GP310A 33FJ64GP706 33FJ64GP706A 33FJ64GP708 33FJ64GP708A 33FJ64GP710 33FJ64GP710A 33FJ64GP802 33FJ64GP804 33FJ64MC202 33FJ64MC204 33FJ64MC506 33FJ64MC506A 33FJ64MC508 33FJ64MC508A 33FJ64MC510 33FJ64MC510A 33FJ64MC706 33FJ64MC706A 33FJ64MC710 33FJ64MC710A 33FJ64MC802 33FJ64MC804 PIC32CM1216MC00032 PIC32CM1216MC00048 PIC32CM6408MC00032 PIC32CM6408MC00048 SAMC20E15A SAMC20E16A SAMC20E17A SAMC20E18A SAMC20G15A SAMC20G16A SAMC20G17A SAMC20G18A SAMC20J15A SAMC20J16A SAMC20J17A SAMC20J17AU SAMC20J18A SAMC20J18AU SAMC20N17A SAMC20N18A SAMC21E15A SAMC21E16A SAMC21E17A SAMC21E18A SAMC21G15A SAMC21G16A SAMC21G17A SAMC21G18A SAMC21J15A SAMC21J16A SAMC21J17A SAMC21J17AU SAMC21J18A SAMC21J18AU SAMC21N17A SAMC21N18A SAMD20E14 SAMD20E14B SAMD20E15 SAMD20E15B SAMD20E15BU SAMD20E16 SAMD20E16B SAMD20E16BU SAMD20E17 SAMD20E18 SAMD20E1F SAMD20G14 SAMD20G14B SAMD20G15 SAMD20G15B SAMD20G16 SAMD20G16B SAMD20G17 SAMD20G17U SAMD20G18 SAMD20G18U SAMD20J14 SAMD20J14B SAMD20J15 SAMD20J15B SAMD20J16 SAMD20J16B SAMD20J17 SAMD20J18 SAMD21E15A SAMD21E15B SAMD21E15BU SAMD21E15CU SAMD21E15L SAMD21E16A SAMD21E16B SAMD21E16BU SAMD21E16CU SAMD21E16L SAMD21E17A SAMD21E17D SAMD21E17DU SAMD21E17L SAMD21E18A SAMD21F17L SAMD21G15A SAMD21G15B SAMD21G15L SAMD21G16A SAMD21G16B SAMD21G16L SAMD21G17A SAMD21G17AU SAMD21G17D SAMD21G17L SAMD21G18A SAMD21G18AU SAMD21J15A SAMD21J15B SAMD21J16A SAMD21J16B SAMD21J17A SAMD21J17D SAMD21J18A SAME51G18A SAME51G19A SAME51J18A SAME51J19A SAME51J20A SAME51N19A SAME51N20A SAME53J18A SAME53J19A SAME53J20A SAME53N19A SAME53N20A SAME54N19A SAME54N20A SAME54P19A SAME54P20A SAME70J19B SAME70J20B SAME70J21B SAME70N19B SAME70N20B SAME70N21B SAME70Q19B SAME70Q20B SAME70Q21B SAMS70J19B SAMS70J20B SAMS70J21B SAMS70N19B SAMS70N20B SAMS70N21B SAMS70Q19B SAMS70Q20B SAMS70Q21B SAMV70J19B SAMV70J20B SAMV70N19B SAMV70N20B SAMV70Q19B SAMV70Q20B SAMV71J19B SAMV71J20B SAMV71J21B SAMV71N19B SAMV71N20B SAMV71N21B SAMV71Q19B SAMV71Q20B SAMV71Q21B

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MPLAB-Device-Blocks-for-Simulink (Microchip Technology)

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2020b
Compatible with R2015b to R2021a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.
To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.