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Aerospace Blockset CubeSat Simulation Library

Model, simulate, analyze, and visualize CubeSats using Aerospace Blockset


Updated 01 Aug 2019

The CubeSat Simulation Library for Aerospace Blockset™ lets you model, simulate, analyze, and visualize the motion and dynamics of CubeSats and nano satellites, which are miniaturized spacecraft designed for space research based on one or more 10-cm cubes of up to 1.33 kg per unit.

To get started with CubeSat simulations, the library provides a ready-to-simulate example of a CubeSat modeled in Simulink®. It also provides template models. These templates are available from the Simulink Start page. To help you get started modeling vehicle motion and dynamics, the library includes a CubeSat Simulink block featuring orbit propagation and attitude control. To open the CubeSat block library, type “asbCubeSatBlockLib” at the MATLAB® command window.

Install the CubeSat Simulation Library as an add-on using the Add-On Explorer in the MATLAB desktop. Use the search term "CubeSat" in the Add-On Explorer to find and install the library.

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@Huaizu: The library is supported from R2019a onward. There are no plans currently to backport this support software to earlier releases. Thanks.

Huaizu You

is it possible to make it compatible with R2018b?

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