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Aerospace Blockset CubeSat Simulation Library

Model, simulate, analyze, and visualize CubeSats using Aerospace Blockset


Updated 15 Jan 2021

The CubeSat Simulation Library for Aerospace Blockset™ lets you model, simulate, analyze, and visualize the motion and dynamics of CubeSats and nano satellites, which are miniaturized spacecraft designed for space research based on one or more 10-cm cubes of up to 1.33 kg per unit.

To get started with CubeSat simulations, the library provides a ready-to-simulate example of a CubeSat modeled in Simulink®. It also provides template models. These templates are available from the Simulink Start page. To help you get started modeling vehicle motion and dynamics, the library includes a CubeSat Simulink block featuring orbit propagation and attitude control. To open the CubeSat block library, type “asbCubeSatBlockLib” at the MATLAB® command window.

Install the CubeSat Simulation Library as an add-on using the Add-On Explorer in the MATLAB desktop. Use the search term "CubeSat" in the Add-On Explorer to find and install the library.

Comments and Ratings (12)

yongsheng wu

Manuel González

How can I use this toolbox for power simulation? I can only find utility for ADCS and other functions, but not related to solar panels, batteries or energy distribution. How can I implement these on the toolbox?

Dmitriy Ermakov

Trupti Mahendrakar

Can I use the VRML file of just the satellite from this block set in a different code?

Amit Kumar Jha

Is there any documentation available on how to use the blockset?

The dowanload windows says: "There was a problem downloading the support package" but I installed almost MATLAB r2019a entirely in a similar manner


Alee Obeid

Hello, When do you plant to release "help" and "Documentations" for this toolbox? because, I have produced a similar Dynamical Model Since 2012. and I would like to compare results of both..

Nikolaos Zafirakis

Hello, thanks for the tool. I was wondering as I have some data from a real mission, I'm currently being tasked with analysing the satellite's attitude. I have all the data is in Matlab (Euler angles, orbit parameters). How could I import this into the CubeSat library and what blocks would I have to delete to get what I want?

Greg Drayer

@Huaizu: The library is supported from R2019a onward. There are no plans currently to backport this support software to earlier releases. Thanks.

Huaizu You

is it possible to make it compatible with R2018b?

Greg Drayer

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2019a
Compatible with R2019a to R2020b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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