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Read compressed or uncompressed NorPix image sequences in MATLAB. This script can read all frames or a set reading window.
Updated 5 Nov 2021

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Read compressed or uncompressed NorPix image sequence in MATLAB.
This script can read all frames or a set reading window.
Index file will be used if available and named as the source file
(eg. test.seq.idx). Otherwise the script will skip through a compressed
sequence from the beginning (may take some time).
fileName: Char containing the full path to the sequence
frames: 1x2 double array of beginning and end frame
ImageCellArray: Cell array with images and timestamps of all allocated
headerInfo: Struct with header information (ImageWidth,
ImageHeight, ImageBitDepth, ImageBitDepthReal,
ImageSizeBytes, ImageFormat, AllocatedFrames,
Compression, HeaderVersion, HeaderSize, Description,
TrueImageSize, FrameRate).
Read all frames:
I = ReadJpegSEQ('C:\test.seq')
Read frames 2 to 13:
I = ReadJpegSEQ('C:\test.seq',[2 13])
Include sequence header information:
[I, headerInfo] = ReadJpegSEQ('C:\test.seq',[1 1])
Last modified 05.11.2021 by Paul Siefert, PhD
Goethe-University Frankfurt
Based on the work of Brett Shoelson (Norpix2MATLAB_MarksMod.m)
Thanks to NorPix support for providing sequence information.
This code was tested with Norpix SEQ
8-bit monochrome 75% lossy jpeg compression (24.07.2018)
8-bit monochrome uncompressed (03.06.2019)
8-bit(24) BGR 75% lossy jpeg compressed (04.10.2021)
Code for RGB included but not tested!
Please report any bugs and improvement suggestions!

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Paul Siefert (2024). ReadJpegSEQ (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2021a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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Version Published Release Notes

Bugfix for uncompressed color images, added RGB support (not tested)


Added compatibility with BGR image format and reading window without .idx file.


BugFix for reading uncompressed sequences


Added headerInfo output


Fixed subSeq bug, thanks to Dr. Aaron Corcoran.


The script can now read a set reading window.


New version is able to read both, compressed and uncompressed sequences.