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CVXOPT Toolbox

version 1.0.2 (19.7 KB) by Martin Andersen
MATLAB interface to CVXOPT, a free software package for convex optimization based on the Python programming language


Updated 19 Sep 2018

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Documentation available at the CVXOPT website:

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Martin Andersen (2020). CVXOPT Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hi, I met the problem when calling cvxopt from matlab in Windows. Do you know how to build up the interface in Windows? Thank you very much

CVXOPT works in windows but this matlab interface does not in windows

Did you actually test it? CVXOPT is available for Windows, but I don't have a Windows computer with MATLAB, so I never tested this toolbox on Windows.

Royi Avital

The problem is CVXOPT Toolbox doesn't work on Windows.

CVXOPT is a solver and CVX is a modeling framework. CVX relies on third-party solvers (SDPT3, SeDuMi, MOSEK, Gurobi) to actually solve a problem instance. In principle, CVX could add support for CVXOPT as a solver.

Royi Avital

Why not use CVX ( which native for MATLAB?



Fixes handling of infeasible problems

Fixed Python-to-MATLAB conversion bug affecting Python 2.7.

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Created with R2018a
Compatible with R2014b to any release
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Windows macOS Linux