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Abstract Operating System

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Updated 30 May 2019

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The Abstract Operating System (AOS) API aims at providing portability
and extendability for code generated by Simulink. The API is tailored to the synchronous reactive model
and is rich enough to fulfill its purpose, yet small enough to easily
be extended to a set of practical operating systems.
To map the generated code provided by MATLAB/Simulink to an operating system,
the *AOS_cfg.c* and *AOS_cfg.h* needs to be added, which provides an implementation
of the required types and functions defined in *AOS.h* (Which will be generated
from MATLAB/Simulink).
A mapping to Windows, Linux and PikeOS is provided under the
directory AOS_mapping. To extend to another operating system, simply provide
an implementation for *AOS_cfg.c* and *AOS_cfg.h* for the requested operating system.

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AOS API and demo models updated for R2019a


Script to separate direct feedthrough blocks and non direct feedthrough blocks extended to work for signals propagating in more than one direction

Additional mapping for PikeOS provided

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