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Unwraps angles so that continuity is restored.

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Updated 24 Nov 2004

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Normally, the output of functions that return angles (e.g. atan2) is strictly constrained within the range 0 to 2*pi or within the range -pi to pi.

Therefore, even if the inputs change continuously, the angle will exhibit 2*pi jumps across the limits, which is sometimes undesirable (e.g. when the angle drives a control system).

This block unwraps an input angle to the whole real axis so that it does not make 2*pi jumps anymore.

In order to distinguish jumps from normal behavior, an upper bound on the maximum time derivative of the input is assumed.

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Armin Ka

I need a phase unwrapping algorithm to unwrap the interference phase which is bounded between -pi, pi or 0, 2*pi
Thanks for your help.

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