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Hebbian Learning

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Hebbian Learning rule, (Artificial Neural Networks)


Updated 21 May 2017

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When comparing with the network output with desired output, if there is error the weight vector w(k) associated with the ith processing unit at the time instant k is corrected (adjusted) as
w(k+1) = w(k) + D[w(k)]
where, D[w(k)] is the change in the weight vector and will be explicitly given for various learning rules.
Hebbian Learning rule is given by
w(k+1) = w(k) + eta*y(k)*x(k)

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Rupa Lakshmi

özden niyaz

özden niyaz

Dear Bhartendu,

Unfourtunately your code is broken.

First of all the if statement is wrong as itr> maxItr, should've been reverse as itr< maxItr. Initial values are itr=0; maxItr=1000; while loop doesn't working cause 0 is not greater then 1000 as everyone knows.
Secondly the other if statement is wrong also. It's written as i=1:size(xtrain,2) according to your example i counts from 1 to 4. But next statement is net=w'*xtrain(i,:); despite of xtrain sizes are 3x4. There isn't xtrain(4,:).

But you never get an error because it never breaks into while loop and for loop also, and calculates all the d values according to your initial weights.

Thanks everyone who never mentioned about this errors for three years :)


sagar kumar dash

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