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Solving the economic dispatch by Multi-Objective Ant Lion Optimizer (MALO).

version (9.45 KB) by RMS Danaraj
This code solves the Economic dispatch problem.


Updated 26 Oct 2016

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This program solves the economic dispatch by Multi-Objective Ant Lion Optimizer (MALO).
Economic dispatch is minimizing a quadratic objective function subject to one quadratic equality constraint with variable bounds.
The Economic Dispatch problem is solved by running the MALO.m while your default folder is MALO1( or add the path as you like!!!).
You will get the following results.
F = 8352.6(objective function value)
P = 323.637 76.686 158.436 50.000 51.976 50.000 (Solution Vector)
Pl = 10.735{Transmission loss)
I am using the MALO code developed by Author and programmer: Seyedali Mirjalili
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hi sir, can you provide the matlab code for Optimal power flow using ant lion optimization algorithm????



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Created with R2011a
Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: Multi-objective Ant Lion Optimizer (MOALO)