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onoffids2logical(on​OffIds, varargin)

version (2.55 KB) by David J. Mack
Convert start and end ids of events to logical indicator array.


Updated 27 Apr 2017

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This is a utility function to compute a logical indicator array from the start and end ids of events in an array, e.g. 4/5 & 7/10 -> 00011011110. This is can be used quickly extract the events by logical indexing. It is vectorized and thus is very fast even for large arrays.
This function is part of a set of functions to convert between logical and number indexing in arrays:

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- [ADD] Error check for onOffIds outside of prespecified n.
- [FIX] Disappearing single sample events.

2016-12-16 (DJM): [FIX] Removed enlarging 'IsOn' in case the last sample is contained in 'OnOffIds'.

Added links.

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