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Solar Eclipse

version (20.9 KB) by Meysam Mahooti
Computes the centre line of a solar eclipse


Updated 16 Jan 2018

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Eclipse.m calculates the central line of a solar eclipse and the duration of the total or annular phases, starting with the date of the next New Moon.
The core of the program is the Intersect function, in which the intersection of the axis of the shadow with the surface of the Earth is determined from the geocentric coordinates of the Sun and the Moon. In addition, the diameters of the two shadow cones near the Earth are calculated, from which the respective phases of the eclipse are determined. The Central function converts the equatorial coordinates of the umbra provided by Intersect into geographic coordinates, and also determines the duration of totality.
Eclipse.m requests the date of New Moon and the output step size to be entered.
Montenbruck O., Pfleger T.; Astronomy on the Personal Computer; Springer Verlag, Heidelberg; 4th edition (2000).
Meeus J.; Astronomical Algorithms; Willmann-Bell; Richmond, Virginia; 2nd edition (1998).

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ETminUT.m and Eclipse.m are revised.

Description is updated.

The image is added.

Sun and Moon positions are computed using JPL ephemeris rather than analytical series.

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