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spread and size figures over your entire screen
Updated 11 Dec 2023

% position and resize figures over your entire screen to make analyzing data easier.
% if no input is given to the function: spread all plotted figures over the screen and link all x-axes
% optional arguments:
% Spreadfigures('tight','nolink',[fighandle1;fighandle2])
% * 'tight': remove unnecessary whitespace in borders, makes use of other file-exchange submission
% * 'nolink': don't link x-axes
% * '[fighandle1;fighandle2] (function UseFig https://github.com/goosst/matlabfunctions/ can be useful for this)
% Example:
% f1=figure(1)
% plot([0:10])
% xlabel('time(s)','Fontsize',15)
% ylabel('unit 1','Fontsize',15)
% title('test','Fontsize',16)
% grid on
% f2=figure(2)
% plot([0:2:20])
% xlabel('time(s)','Fontsize',15)
% ylabel('unit 2','Fontsize',15)
% title('test2','Fontsize',16)
% grid on
% % test out several options:
% % Spreadfigures
% % Spreadfigures('tight',[f1;f2])
% % %Spreadfigures([f1;f2],'nolink','tight')

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stijn (2024). Spreadfigures (https://github.com/goosst/helperfunctions), GitHub. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: tightfig(hfig)

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.