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Updated 31 Jan 2017

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MVTec Halcon (12) is an image processing library used in machine vision applications.
At we use both Halcon and Matlab together. Therefor we wrapped all Halcon operators into Matlab Mex-files (c++ code). By compiling the code (compile_cpp_code.m) you can use the Halcon operators in Matlab.
I = transpose(imread('lena.tif'));
Imedian = hMedianImage (I, 'circle', 3, 'continued');
figure, imshow(transpose(Imedian.image))
1. To use the software install Halcon Developer version. A version including temporary license can be obtained at
2. Please note, this wrapper is also compatible with Halcon 11, Halcon 13 ... but in that case first run "generate_cpp_code.m" followed by "generate_help_files.m" followed by "compile_cpp_code.m")

3.If you use Matlab 64-bits, install Halcon x64 and 64-bit c++ compiler.
When using Matlab 32-bits also install Halcon 32-bits.

4. Note image-data is stored row-wise in Halcon and column-wise in Matlab. Thus transpose or permute(I,[2 1 3]) an image from Matlab before using in Halcon and the other-way around

5. XLD's are currently not supported.

6. Halcon is sensitive to input datatypes, thus don't use hFunction("100") or hFunction(100), when Halcon expect an integer, then use hFunction(int32(100)). A mixed tuple equals a cell array like {"true", "red",int32(123),3.14}

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Dirk-Jan Kroon (2024). MVTec Halcon Wrapper (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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