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Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Point Grey Hardware

Acquire video and images from Point Grey cameras.


Updated 11 Sep 2019

Image Acquisition Toolbox™ Support Package for Point Grey Hardware enables you to acquire images and video from Point Grey cameras directly into MATLAB® and Simulink®.

This support package is functional for R2014a and beyond.

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Shinij Tohi

I resolved the problem posted below. I was forbidden to access to Dropbox by a systems administrator in my office, so I failed to download the package. I succeeded in installing by getting permission for accessing Dropbox.

Shinij Tohi

Hi Janak,

I can not install the package in R2019a still now, even after restarting Matlab and reboot the computer. I always fail at the process of downloading the third party package. I've already reported to the support team.

Apologies for the delay in resolving the installation issue. The issue is now fixed for releases R2017b - R2019a.
If you are still encountering issues with installing the support package, please reach out to our support team (

Douglas, thank you for the workaround suggested. Since the installation issue is now fixed, you can unregister the adaptor and install the regular support package to prevent conflicts.
To unregister, >> imaqregister(<path to the dll>, 'unregister')


For those looking for a workaround, I found a method that is working for me at the moment until the issue is fixed. Through MATLAB's add-on manager, I downloaded the support package (which still triggered an error for downloading FlyCapture but downloaded the files nevertheless). I had already downloaded the FlyCapture program via the comment in Hung's link. Then, I unzipped all files within the downloaded directories and added all to the path. Finally, I used the imaqregister function on the full path to the library "mwpointgreyimaq.dll" and restarted MATLAB. The pointgrey adaptor was then available and appeared to be fully functional.

Mic Mas

@Nick Steinmetz and Hung, any chance you figured out a workaround ?

Could you provide an estimate of when the download issue will be fixed? Thanks.

Hi Nick and Hung,

The toolbox team at MathWorks is aware of the download issue and is actively working on a fix.
I will provide an update here once the issue is resolved.


The install process fial at download the third party support package.
I download "FlyCap2Viewer_2.11.3.121_x64" from this link:
But, how to install this at MATLAB manually?

Note that the problem here is a DOWNLOAD error, not an install error.

Hi Tar,

You can execute the following command in MATLAB to list the installed support packages.
>> matlabshared.supportpkg.getInstalled

Is the PointGrey support package listed after executing the command? If the support package is installed and the adaptor is still not listed by 'imaqhwinfo', use 'imaqregister' to register the adaptor manually.
>> imaqregister("<path>\mwpointgreyimaq.dll").
Path to the support package root can be found using the below command.
>> matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot

If the support package is not listed, unintall FlyCap and perform a clean reinstall of the support package, refer to the below link.

If you continue to encounter issues, reach out to MathWorks support ( for help.


barath V

Tae Jin Kim

Hi all,

I am also encountering the "Failed to install the third-party software: FlyCap2Viewer_2.11.3.121.x64.msi" error. I am running MATLAB R2019a with Blackfly (not BlackflyS) camera.

The camera was actually working untill I tried installing OpenCV into MATLAB - it suddenly stopped working during the process for some reason.
Now, I cannot install the Point Grey toolbox anymore.

I tried:
1. Uninstalling FlyCap, uninstalling the toolbox, and then reinstalling with Add-On tab.
2. Deleted Flycap registry files.
3. Clean installed MATLAB.

I am still hitting the same error. When I restart MATLAB, it shows that the toolbox is installed. But I don't see anything in the adaptors section.

Does anyone have a good way of going around this problem? Any pointers would be appreciated!

Thanks Janak. Uninstalling the previously installed version of flycap - 2.9, uninstalling the support package and then reinstalling the package which automatically installed flycap viewer 2.11 fixed the issue. Once i did this i was then able to reinstal flycap 2.9 which i needed for other purposes. Everything seems to be running smoothly now.

Just to clarify all of this is being run on 2018b

Zhichao Guo

Hi Raj6,

This sounds like an issue due to incompatibility with the installed Flycapture version. Uninstall the FlyCapture 2.9 and then rerun the support package setup process in MATLAB, the setup process will install the right version of Fly Capture to be used by the Pointgrey adaptor in MATLAB. Now reboot the system, open MATLAB are see if you can recognize the camera.

Also, as mentioned in my earlier comment, there are known support package installation issues with R2016a and R2016b versions of MATLAB. In case, if you are using one of these versions reach out to Mathworks Technical Support for help.

- Janak


I am trying to use pointgrey Flea3 cameras.
Outside of MATLAB I have installed the FlyCAp 2.9 software and when I use this software directly my cameras are recongized. To try and use the cameras through matlab i installed the pointgrey adaptor add on offered nby the image acquisition toolbox. However even after rebooting MATLAB does not recognize the installation of the adaptor and does not recognize mycameras as video input devices.
What should i do?

Hi az,

There is a known installation issue with this support package in MATLAB R2016a, I would recommend installing MATLAB version R2017a or higher as a workaround. If you are constrained to using R2016a version of MATLAB, please contact our technical support for help.


Update: After reviewing Documentation ( i understand I need to uninstall the updated version of FlyCap2 SDK and use the one provided with the support package. Still unavailable. A

Works nicely with CM3-U3-31S4M as long as the trigger is immediate or manual. Unfortunately the acquisition does not start when hardware trigger is used (works when set up with FlyCapture).

Luka Rogelj

Can enyone help me with installation of this support package on Matlab 2018a? Even if I install third party software before I do not know how to install the pointgray adapter for aquisition toolbox.


You can download the third party software from

Yes, It failed installation on my computer as well. I have raised the ticket to MATLAB 3 days ago. Technical Support Case #03280009. No solution from them yet.


The installer is having problems downloading the third party flycapture software - I've tried two different computers with two different networks and none of them work (I have installed the support package before without issue)

I use GS3-U3-51S5C-C 2/3" Grasshopper USB 3.0 Color Camera, and use the following command:
vidobj = videoinput('pointgrey', 1, 'F7_BayerGB8_1224x1024_Mode1');
vidobj.FramesPerTrigger = inf;
However the captured images are greenish for few seconds after issuing start(vidobj) command.
What could be the problem?

Is supply USB3.1 camera(BFS-U3-200S6C-C) I can't find out that on Image Acquisition Toolbox device list

We have tried to install this package many times on different computers without any success. Windows 10 64bits. Errors included...

Error using matlabshared.supportpkg.internal.ssi.refreshMatlab
Can't reload 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2018a\bin\win64\rtw_core.dll


Something Unexptected Occured.

and something else to do with Java.

Even when we tried to contact Support (as recommended in many of the messages) the Support was unavailable!!!
Service Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Really unhappy with MathWorks as we really wanted to use Matlab for our work but it is more likely to end up using python...

David Wang

I've used this tool box for long time and now trying to use one camera(No.1) to trigger another camera(No.2), but I have difficult when using hardware trigger. I've checked these two camera by setting using flycapture and have successfully triggered by camera(No.1) by using strobe 2(GPIO2) output and GPIO3 trigger with trigger mode 14. But this set doesn't work for Image acquisition app, I have nothing back when setting external trigger mode 14 - source 3. So I used a oscilloscope to make sure the trigger input is correct and it does act the same as using flycapture.
Wondering if there might have some trouble when receiving those trigger signal in this app or support package, thanks!

Hi Kun and Prasad,

As Kun mentioned, the Firefly FMVU cameras aren't supported by FlyCapture Viewer There was an issue with the FlyCapture Viewer which lead to this issue. To resolve this issue, Please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall all versions of FlyCapture from your system.
2. Install the Point Grey Support package in MATLAB which will install the FlyCapture Viewer (If you already have installed the support package you can skip to the step 4).
3. Uninstall FlyCapture Viewer which was installed in the previous step.
4. Contact FLIR support to obtain FlyCapture Viewer
5. Install FlyCapture
6. Reboot your system.

You should be able to use your Firefly with the IMAQ toolbox after following the above steps.

Kun Xie

Hi Prasad,
I have the same issue when I use this adapter with my FMVU-03MTM camera. " Error starting isochronous stream " appears when preview camear in MATLAB IMAQ or in FlyCapter. The reason is the OLD VERSION FlyCapter.
When I install this support package, the MATLAB download and install the FlyCaptureViewer However, the FMVU camera is not supported by this version, it was declared in the release note ( I read this note several days before, but I can't find it now).
Since there is not any options to choose FlyCapterViewer version in MATLAB, My solution is:
1. Install this support package and FlyCaptureViewer ( by MATLAB, remember the install folder of FlyCaptureViewer (
2. Download and install the new version FlyCaptureViewer ( is ok) from PointGrey website in another folder.
3. Copy all new FlyCaptureViewer files to the old folder and overwrite the old one.
4. If it's still not work, try to reinstall the camera driver using 'DriverControlGUI.exe' in 'Point Grey Research\FlyCap2 Viewer\bin64' folder.

Art Kotz

It works so far (it is still early on my project). Initial install was Spinnaker as per FLIR instructions on the box. That was a mistake. Uninstalled that and found this package, which installed an older version of FlyCapture, which so far works fine. I'm using a BlackFly (BFly-U3-50H5M-C). Two things I have encountered:
1) I Noticed that FlyCapture has an absolute mode (where Shutter is shutter speed in ms, etc.), which I want and set. I don't know if I can change that setting through my video object in Matlab, but I think I stumbled around and managed to confuse that mode (shutter read an integer instead of a very different value than what was set). While in this mode, for example set(vidObj, 'Shutter', value) yielded a different result than vidObj.Shutter = value. Same thing for get. Any thoughts on why or how to change or check absolute mode?
2) I noticed that several settings in absolute mode "snap" to the nearest allowed value internally, but the video object property still reports the value that was set. Any idea how to check what setting the camera actually accepted?

In a previous comment I mentioned that I have driver issues when using this software package's older drivers, I receive an isochronous stream failed error.

I still have this issue, and I believe it is a camera specific problem when using older drivers. Here is a workaround that I am currently using:

I was able to use an activex interface to my camera after installing the latest FlyCapture SDK from the driver website.(

Once I installed it I was able to run the following code to both stream the camera from a matlab figure and capture images.

a=actxcontrol('FlyCaptureActiveX.FlyCaptureActiveXCo.1', [0 0 500 250]);
a.Camera = 0;
a.Start = 1;

%% Get an image
img = a.GetImageData('raw');
imshow(reshape(img, 752, 480));

There is a document on the ActiveX object ( Unfortunately there are no examples, but this script was sufficient for my use case.

Ahmet Ayan

I am also having a problem Matlab not detecting a PointGrey camera (blackfly-S model). The device driver is PGRUSBCam3.sys ( as reported by the PointGrey Spinnaker software. Any help/pointers to resolve the issue is appreciated

Hi Prasad,

Which version of MATLAB are you using? We support flycapture 2.11 (which is just one version older than the current one from Point Grey) since R2016a. Can you uninstall PG v2.7 from Device Manager, and then install the support package as well (Support package installation will install v2.11 as well). If this does not work, please contact tech support team.

(Image Acquisition team

I am able to detect my Firefly MV as a point grey camera and connect to it but when i attempt to preview the camera feed I receive an error:

"Addition information from the driver: Error starting isochronous stream.."

This error also appears in my PointGrey FlyCap2 software, in fact I get the same error., however I am able to view the camera feed through third party software and some code that I have written using PyCapture in python.

I suspect that the supported drivers for this matlab package are not as up to date as the drivers used by my other programs, nor is the FlyCap2 software.

I have tried uninstalling the drivers and flycap software described here: This allowed me to install the point grey package but it did not eliminate the error.

USB Camera Driver (PGRUsbCam.sys) -

How I uninstalled drivers:

Benqi Zhang


my OS is W10, using 2015a.
Jump up with error showing "Point Grey Flycature is not uninstalled as part of uninstalling the support package as other programs may be using files associated with Point Grey FlyCapture. If you would like to remove Point Grey FlyCapture, please uninstall it through Add or Remove Programs tool or the vendor uninstaller. ".
But I haven't install any FlyCapture at all.
Need help to solve installing this package.

Henry Chen

It works.

wang tao

I am having the same issue:

"There was an error installing third-party software for Support Package Point Grey Hardware:
C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2015b\dowloads\pointgreyhardware_download does not contain archives
for third-party software used by the support package.

To continue with support package installation:
Use 'Install from Internet'
Use 'Download from Internet' to download the complete set of files, and retry installing from folder."

As of 12/10/17, I see nothing in the below posts or responses from staff that addresses the problem.

Jules Verne

Hi all,
I'm having the same error and uninstalling FlyCap Viewer doesn't help:
There was an error installing third-party software for Support Package Point Grey Hardware:
does not contain archives for third-party software used by the support package.

To continue with support package installation:
Use "Install from Internet"
Use "Download from Internet" to download the complete set of files, and retry installing from folder.

Any ideas how to fix this? My Blackfly is completely useless now...

Hi all,
I was having a similar problem with "Contact technical support" while installing the third party software. (FlyCap v2.11 is now installed by the package installer)
MY SOLUTION: Uninstalling the FlyCap Viewer software I'd already installed prior to using the MATLAB package.

kevin chao

hello, i have the problem installing this with the error showing:
There was an error installing third-party software for Support Package Point Grey Hardware:
does not contain archives for third-party software used by the support package.

Ding Ding

MATLAB R2016a or older now use FlyCapture Viewer and older releases(R2015b or older) use FlyCapture SDK
We were currently working on an issue with the download links. The issue should be resolved now.
Please contact Mathworks Techincal Support( if you need further help.

mark pierce

Is the problem that the file which the Support Package Installer tries to download (FlyCapture2.5.3.4_x64.msi) is not available at ?

David Wang

Hello there,
as Point Grey was merged by FLIR, anybody have problem installing this add-on?
I can't install result in the package can't download flycapture, always stop there downloading.

Error code:
Exception in thread "Thread-86" java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <?> at index 111: C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2015a\downloads\pointgreyhardware_download\2uobfb202jrxqtl\FlyCapture2.5.3.4_x64.msi?dl=1
at sun.nio.fs.WindowsPathParser.normalize(Unknown Source)
at sun.nio.fs.WindowsPathParser.parse(Unknown Source)
at sun.nio.fs.WindowsPathParser.parse(Unknown Source)
at sun.nio.fs.WindowsPath.parse(Unknown Source)
at sun.nio.fs.WindowsFileSystem.getPath(Unknown Source)
at java.nio.file.Paths.get(Unknown Source)
at Source)

Hi mp,

Can you provide some more information about the issue that you experienced while installing the support package? Let me know which release of MATLAB were you trying to install the support package in.



"There was a problem installing the support package."

ofer rosen

FlyCap2, Firmware, Driver, Matlab 15b:
Is there any other solution than uninstalling FlyCap? it is in use by other users of the camera.

The support package installer is stopping after a while. the status bar appears after about 1 minute showing 7/8 progress but does not move afterwards. no message anywhere.

Lan Shuai

Mathworks support team helped solve my problem. The flycapture software has a conflict with the package. After I uninstalled the software, I can install the package successfully.

Lan Shuai

Got the same error as the previous users.


Same issue, Windows 10 64bit, tried Matlab 2016b and 2017a, neither worked.

Just got an error: "There was a problem installing third party support package. Contact technical support." This is with FlyCap 64-bit, and MATLAB 2016b.

I have the same issue. The toolbox doesn't complete installation in windows 10. Also not if I manually install the driver downloaded in the package first. Quite a hassle. Please fix asap

I'm having the same issue. Third party drivers won't install and I need it for image acquisition. Please fix asap

I wasn't able to install this driver. I get an error saying the third party drivers could not be downloaded.

Hi Raphael,

Sorry that the support Point Grey did not match your expectation. Can you please let us know as to what problems you had encountered?


Hi Bjorn,

We are looking into upgrading the drivers to the latest version for the upcoming releases.

MF -

Looks like there was an issue installing the driver. Can you install the driver manually by going to the folder where the support package was installed, and then double click on the FlyCap exe, make sure it installs, and then re-install the support package in MATLAB?



Error installing third party software FlyCapture2.5.3.4_x64.msi:
Non-passing return code received: 1603. Expected one of the following: 0

Please help.

Björn Skatt

Dear MathWorks Image Acquisition Toolbox Team. Thanks for a great tool! May I suggest that you update this package to the latest PGR FlyCapture2 SDK 2.10.3-237? The old ver 2.5 does not recognize Win10. I can't say that I have found any problems but I would feel more secure if you used the updated API and drivers.

Björn Skatt

I hereby testify that it works just fine on R2016B with a brand new USB3 Chameleon (CM3-U3-50S5M-CS). It gives me access to 12-bit mono output. Oh, joy!
I had some trouble getting here. OBS! Matlab installs FlyCap 2.5. I had to uninstall the 2.10 version. Seems like 2.5 has all the stuff that I remember from 2.10. I also had to manually identify the correct USB-driver like this:

run C:\Program Files\Point Grey Research\FlyCapture2\shortcuts\utilities\DriverControlGUI
Select USB->Intel USB3 Extensible Host Controller->Point Grey drivers->USB Pro (Signed)
Click Install driver




When I try to install this support package, either by downloading it through the support package installer, or by downloading it from this page, I get the following error:

"Expected input to be nonempty"

I'm then returned to the confirmation screen, where I'm prompted to hit "Install" to begin the process again.

I'm running MATLAB R2015b 32-bit on Windows 7 64-bit, and have already installed the flycap 2 software separately.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014a
Compatible with R2014a to R2019b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux