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Matlab Style Guidelines Cheat Sheet

version (199 KB) by Jason Nicholson
One page summary of the "MATLAB Programming Style Guidelines"


Updated 21 Aug 2018

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This a condensed version of the "MATLAB Programming Style Guidelines" with updates from Richard Johnson since the writing of the 2002 article. It fits on one page and therefore is a quick reference.
For a more comprehensive work see "The Elements of MATLAB Style" by Richard Johnson ( and "Updates to The Elements of MATLAB Style" (

If you find this useful or helpful, please rate it and give a quick comment. I have found that this document has made its way around the world. I get a glimpse once in a while of who is using it via an email or quick message.

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Jason Nicholson (2020). Matlab Style Guidelines Cheat Sheet (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Sijia Zhao


Jason Nicholson

I am considering an update that corresponds to Object Oriented programming in MATLAB. This would probably be a one page summary devoted to writing classes in MATLAB language. Thoughts?

Andreas Berg

Jason Nicholson

Your ideas about "i" and "j" have been addressed in the 29-Jan-2014 version.

Gregory Vernon

@Volker -- I agree. I use ii, jj, kk as my short scope variables instead.


Just don't use "i" or "j" for short scope variables - they are predefined as the imaginary unit sqrt(-1) in matlab.


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Richard emailed me and said he would be willing to edit the cheat sheet based on what he had learned since writing "MATLAB Programming Style Guidelines" in 2002. Based on his updates, the next version was created.

Updated the comment about the case of functions in the comments.

clarified requirements.

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