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App Builder for SimBiology Models

version (305 KB) by Fulden Buyukozturk
Tool to automate the process of creating standalone, model-exploration apps for SimBiology model


Updated 03 Apr 2014

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SimBiology provides an environment to build, simulate and analyze dynamic models of biological systems, such as PK/PD and systems biology models. Typically, once the computational biologist or modeler builds and characterizes the model, he/she wants to make the model available to a larger group of scientists for exploration purposes. Such a model exploration tool must be interactive, easy-to-use, and optionally standalone.
The app builder for SimBiology models simplifies and automates the steps for going from the SimBiology model to a such an interactive model exploration tool.

The submission includes 5 example (see example#.m) scripts that illustrate how to use the app builder.

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Fulden Buyukozturk (2020). App Builder for SimBiology Models (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Wei Lai


Hi Asawari and other SimBio'ers,

This tool will significantly improve the development process for deploying custom SimBiology "apps" to our end-users.

I've just started building a PK simulator for dosing drugs in murine xenograft studies and plan on deploying it to our in vivo scientists.


- Jeff Kearns
Computational Biologist @ Merrimack Pharmaceuticals


- Added slider for dose amount, along with ability to edit slider range
- Added See Run Info context menu to plot to see parameters values associated with a run
- Added a new input field, outputFolder

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