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Support for DCAM on win64

version (4.41 MB) by MathWorks Image Acquisition Toolbox Team
Update to Image Acquisition Toolbox's DCAM adaptor to support win64.


Updated 06 Dec 2011

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This update to Image Acquisition Toolbox's DCAM adaptor should add support for 64-bit versions of Windows (XP, Vista, and 7). It requires the R2011b versions of MATLAB and Image Acquisition Toolbox, as well as version 6.4.6 of the CMU DCAM driver which is included in the zip file.

In order to use the updated adaptor, download the attached zip file and then execute the following commands from the MATLAB command prompt:

>> cd(matlabroot)
>> unzip(pathToZipFile)

After unzipping the zip file, install the CMU DCAM driver located in <MATLAB>\toolbox\imaq\imaqextern\drivers\<ARCH>\dcam where <MATLAB> is the directory that MATLAB is installed in and <ARCH> is win32 or win64. Finally, restart MATLAB and "dcam" should be listed as an installed adaptor by IMAQHWINFO.

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Luc Gendre

Hey Claire!
Any luck you've found a solution?
I have the same problem. I'm working on a 2013a Matlab version, and even if I just try to do a 'getsnapshot' of 640x480x8bits image, it works only the very first time after windows reboot and then it doesn't work anymore. I have the same message as you about bus resources not being sufficient. Did you find a solution?
Thanks in advance.

P.S.: I am using 6.4.6 CMU DCAM version.


Hi there,

I have installed the 64-bit drivers as directed (Win7 64-bit machine running 2011b 64-bit) and frequently (but not all the time) get the error "Error using imaqdevice/preview (line 177) dcam: insufficient 1394 bus resources to complete the requested task". Once it has given this error, it will sometimes work again once I reboot, sometimes not.

I have also installed the 32-bit driver and running from Matlab 2011b 32-bit, but get the same result.

I have tried two different firewire cards, both with the same result. The same card worked fine in a (different) 32-bit computer running 2011b 32-bit with the 32-bit drivers.

Can you give me any tips on what to try next?


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