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The Simulink MatriX Library (SMXL) - a collection of blocks that handle matrices in Simulink.


Updated 23 Oct 2007

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SMXL (Simulink MatriX Library) it's a powerful real and complex matrix operations support for Simulink 3
(R11.1) that works fine for later versions as well.
It features :

-) Multiplication
-) Transposition
-) Singular Value Decomposition
-) Pseudo-Inversion via SVD
-) Other simple operations

All the s-functions are written in optimized level-2 c code and are fully Real Time Workshop Compatible.

A library of ROTATION MATRICES which can be very useful for simulations of rigid bodies in 3D space, is included.

There are different examples including a Variable State Space System and an adaptive multilayer neural network.

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very good

Feng Tyan

The block "vrhcomp" doesn't work right.

Liu rong


Masih Hosseini

Ahmet Shala


Recompiled mex-files with Matlab 7.1 so that everything works fine on newer versions requiring the .mexw32 extension

Changed info.xml file to avoid annoying messages within the last matlab versions.

Removed extra dir info from zip file

Everything renamed to lowercase.

A much faster selector-based transposition block has been implemented.

Also, two new blocks for aerospace engineering usage have been added.

Updated signature and info.xml

added: file info.xml for R12, and example on variable state space.

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Created with R11.1
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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