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mArrow3.m - easy-to-use 3D arrow

version (2.54 KB) by Georg Stillfried
Draw a 3D arrow. Easily specify size, color and even transparency.


Updated 21 Sep 2009

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This function draws a 3D arrow using a cylinder and cone patch. This allows the use of all patch properties including transparency. It can be used with default parameters (example 1) or user-defined parameters (example 2).

example 1:
> mArrow3([0 0 0],[1 1 1]);
% draws a black arrow from point [0 0 0] to point [1 1 1]

example 2:
> h = mArrow3([0 0 0],[1 1 1], 'facealpha', 0.5, 'color', 'red', 'stemWidth', 0.02);
% draws a semitransparent red arrow with a stem width of 0.02 units from point [0 0 0] to point [1 1 1]; h is the handle to the patch object

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Georg Stillfried (2021). mArrow3.m - easy-to-use 3D arrow (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R14SP3
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Arrow3

Inspired: Spongebob Squarepants goes 3-D

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