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Stewart Platform Mechanical System

version (42.3 KB) by Jeff Wendlandt
Model and simulate the physical components and synthesize controllers of the Stewart Platform.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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SimMechanics™ in conjunction with Simulink® and MATLAB® allows engineers to create complicated mechanical models, analyze the models, and develop controllers for the mechanical system. In this technical example, we examine how to use SimMechanics, MATLAB and Simulink to model physical components, synthesize controllers, and simulate the closed loop system of the Stewart Platform. The Stewart Platform is a six-degree of freedom positioning platform.
For more information, see this MATLAB Digest article:

The models provided here originated from the Stewart Platform demo models provided with SimMechanics.

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haoyu chang



please how do i run this simulation. i'm hoping to show it to some children at my school

Jaina H

Can anyone help me to develop a PID controller for stewart platform for controlling the six pistons.

zichen fan

Ameer Hamza

@LÑ you need simspace to run this simulation.

I can not run this program, can you help me please?


For my graduation project I am using the Stewart Platform. To make the simulation more realistic I would like to use a discrete PID controller and this works for a sample time of 0.01 s. But for a lower frequency errors occur because of violated constraints and/or singularities. Would anyone now how to work around this?

Besides this the simulation works very well, thanks a lot!

Thank you for sharing1


I downloaded the file but I can't open it in simulink. Simulink is giving this two errors to me : "Failed to load library 'StewartControllers' referenced by StewartPlatform/Controller" and "Unable to open file for reading:"StewartControllers.mdl" " Can anybody help me ? Thanks.


I cant find the file ?!!

thanks alot it is been helpful for my ph.d. thesis about parallel robot

bassam imam

Great work really Good Simulation


Thanks a lot for such a wonderful work. I'm working with one such modified ver. of stewart
can you please educate me on how to make virtual 3D animation from files imported from solidworks


The best stewart model i've ever seen.Thank you very much.

Le Tien Dung

Thank you for sharing!

khoi trinh

serdar ay

thanks for your contribution

Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez

eddy zhang

Dear Author:
Thank you for your job.Now ,I am doing some about stewart platform,could you give me more information ? Thank you !

Marco Bossetto


kundan lal

yang wolfy

Amuh Phil

synthesis of a mechanical system

Emmanuel Ani

To write on "analysis, synthesis and optimization any mechanical system

Emmanuel Ani

To write an assignment

mehran mahboobkhah

My Ph D Thesis is about Vibration analysis of stewart platform - based machine tool table

sul khan

good it provide more information to me

Marco Aurelio Bossetto

solmaz sajjadi kia

I am working on a project about design and control of stewart platform

suleman khan

hamed farkhondehal

amir k

Thank You very much,I'm working on a project about simulation of stewart platform with joystick

Marco Bossetto


Updated license

Updated notes section.

Added note about the origin of the models.

Fixed bug in StewartMVController.m.

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