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RGB Image Decomposition

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Displays RGB decomposition of a full color image


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Function imColorSep takes a single input argument, an M x N x 3 array representing a full color RGB image, and generates a figure window containing four images: the original full color image, and the three individual monochromatic images representing the red, green, and blue components of the original image. The function returns a handle to the figure window.
See also "NTSC Image Decomposition."

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Ehm how can i convert now into YCbCr pleaz?

mohsan jamil

chen yuan

mini program

harun alrosid

Joseph Hollmann

this code can be easily rewritten to get rid of the imageprocessing toolbox dependency.

Also, I am pretty sure you want to take the following line out of your for-loop.
C = zeros(N,3);

Without the appropriate comments, it is difficult to tell but why use the line below line?
gr = gr(:,1);


Updated license

Added "See also..." to the description.

Made minor improvements to the readability of the M-code and added comments.

Made minor improvements to the readability of the M-code and added comments.

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Simplified the description.

1. Minor correcto in the description.
2. Uploaded screenshot.

Correction of a minor typographical error in the description of the file.

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