Plots two- and three-dimensional Gaussian distributions
Updated 1 Sep 2016

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PLOT_GAUSSIAN_ELLIPSOIDS plots 2-d and 3-d Gaussian distributions.

H = PLOT_GAUSSIAN_ELLIPSOIDS(M, C) plots the distribution specified by mean M and covariance C. The distribution is plotted as an ellipse (in 2-d) or an ellipsoid (in 3-d). By default, the distributions are plotted in the current axes. H is the graphics handle to the plotted ellipse or ellipsoid.

PLOT_GAUSSIAN_ELLIPSOIDS(M, C, SD) uses SD as the standard deviation along the major and minor axes (larger SD => larger ellipse). By default, SD = 1.

PLOT_GAUSSIAN_ELLIPSOIDS(M, C, SD, NPTS) plots the ellipse or ellipsoid with a resolution of NPTS (ellipsoids are generated on an NPTS x NPTS mesh). By default, NPTS = 50 for ellipses, and 20 for ellipsoids.

PLOT_GAUSSIAN_ELLIPSOIDS(M, C, SD, NPTS, AX) adds the plot to the axes specified by the axis handle AX.

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Gautam Vallabha (2024). PLOT_GAUSSIAN_ELLIPSOID (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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