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Mu-Tools based Multivariable System Identification

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Updated 20 Feb 2007

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Mu-Tools based Multivariable System Identification

The Musysid folder contains some useful tools for :
- black box MIMO system identification
- state space system fitting from a given frequency response
- converting frequency response data between the MU-TOOLS Toolbox and the SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION Toolbox formats.

There are 8 files:

- contents : describes the files in the musysid folder

- arx3 : arx MIMO system identification
- rarx3 : recursive arx MIMO system identification

- fre2sys : sys fitting from MIMO frequency response
- ffte : rough fft based MIMO transfer function estimate

- ff2vm : frequency format to varying matrices
- vm2ff : varying matrices to frequency format
- phasefix : move phase angles in the interval [-pi, pi]

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mahmoud romdhane

Maosheng Gong

If there are very detailed describe of the file??
If there are, it is maybe wonderful!

minh tuan

He Zhiqiang


Corrected a bug that prevented rarx3 to work on multiple output systems.

Renamed everything lowercase

Signature updated in Contents.m

Improved Compatibility with Matlab 6.0 (only frequency function format translators needs the sys. ident. toolbox shipped with 5.3.1)


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