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Elegant Use of OpenCV in MATLAB
Updated 4 Sep 2023

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How to elegantly use OpenCV in the MATLAB environment
Matlab call OpenCV two methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, to find a suitable for their own scenarios can be used to provide seveal simple call sample programs.
  • C++ MEX API
  • Call python(OpenCV) from MATLAB
The first is to use the C++ MEX API to create MATLAB functions, which has the advantage of providing the efficiency of a C++ program and the ability to access external functions and libraries from MATLAB, supporting more modern C++ programming patterns and object-oriented design, multi-threaded MEX, copy-on-write semantics, and so on, provided that you are using R2018a or a higher version.
The second is to call the OpenCV library directly from the python environment in MATLAB. Since the Python language provides a protocol for accessing memory buffers and MATLAB implements this Python buffer protocol for its arrays, there is no need to copy and reproduce the data to achieve the sharing of the underlying data under the same process, and there is no need to do frequent data type conversion at non-essential moments.

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