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How can I remove all the paths for Toolboxes in MATLAB?

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I have my own functions I created when I had only MATLAB and no other Toolboxes. Now with other Toolboxes installed, functions with the same names appear in them. Without uninstalling Toolboxes, I want to "undo" the path entries so that remaining paths retain only those to MATLAB and no other Toolboxes.

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Anish on 20 Jan 2011
There is no supported way of undoing the path setting in MATLAB. The safest way to avoid name collisions is to rename all user functions.
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Jan on 13 May 2011
What about RMPATH and REHASH('toolboxcache')?
But you are absolutely right: Renaming the user function is much safer, because other Matlab function can refer to functions in the removed path also!

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Kenneth Eaton
Kenneth Eaton on 20 Jan 2011
It sounds like you want to have MATLAB use your functions instead of functions with the same name in other toolboxes. The easiest way to do this is simply to change the order of folders on your path. If you move your folders higher on the path than the toolbox folders, then functions in those folders will have precedence and be called instead of functions by the same name in a toolbox. This will allow you to still use other functions in the toolboxes, which you wouldn't easily be able to do if you removed that toolbox from the path altogether.


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