appdesigner - gui does not have access to functions

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I am working on a GUI with appdesigner currently. I got my functions in the same folder as the GUI, but I think somehow my GUI doesnt have access to these functions and also variables that are initialized in there. How can my GUI code use these functions? Do I have to use any keywords maybe?
Thank you!
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Thomas Fournier
Thomas Fournier on 16 Aug 2021
Hello, as lng as your function is stored in the same folder as your GUI app, you should be able to call it as you would do with a normal script .m file.
Not sure about your variables however, do you have some part of code or oerror message to share?

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Jyotirmay Mishra
Jyotirmay Mishra on 17 Aug 2021
It is my understanding that you are trying to use external functions in MATLAB App Designer.
Please refer to the following MATLAB Answers link to understand how you can call external functions in App Designer -


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