Implementing Hough transform for points with X and Y coordinates.

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Hi all
I have the x-y coordinates of 10 points in two rows, each 5 points in one row. I want to plot these points and implement Hough transform to fit line along the points in each row. I also want to estimate the centerline line between these two rows. Could someone please help me with the matlab codes to solve this problem. Your help is highly appreciated. the x, y coordinates of the points are:

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Matt J
Matt J on 2 Oct 2013
You can use
to obtain a binary image of the points. Then you can use HOUGHLINES to fit lines.
Brent F
Brent F on 3 Jul 2021
What a great idea. But getting the x index of the start/end of the lines isn't straightforward.
How did you do it?

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