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Modelling missiles without access or knowledge of Missile DATCOM

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Viktors Sprogis
Viktors Sprogis on 29 Jul 2021
Answered: Lucien Hollins on 30 Jul 2021
I want to model a missile in Simulink, however the aerospace toolbox requires a Missile DATCOM file for the stability derivatives I am only familiar with fortran basics and since I am not a US citizen or an industry professional, I have no access to that edition/release of DATCOM.
What are my options, when it comes to modelling rockets and missiles on Simulink? Any pointers and help will be much appriciated.

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Lucien Hollins
Lucien Hollins on 30 Jul 2021
Great question!
You can refer to the following link to learn about a generic missile example based on publicly available references:
When you use the command openExample('simulink_aerospace/DesigningAGuidanceSystemInMATLABAndSimulinkExample') in the MATLAB command line, Simulink will open and load the model parameters into the Matlab workspace. You can refer to these when designing your own model.
I hope this helps!

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