How to generate a matrix of random decimal values from -1 to 1?

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I want to generate a 8x10 matrix full of random decimal values from -1 to 1, each with EXACTLY 6 decimal places (i.e 0.523483, -0.932401, etc.).
I know that this code generates values with 7 decimal places (not sure how to get it to 6). But, I don't know how to automatically generate a matrix full of values like these (without using a for loop). Any ideas? thanks!
format long
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Rik on 27 Jul 2021
Note that single doesn't have normal decimal places, as it is a floating point number. They take this shape:
%double has -1023 instead of -127
What you want is to round, which might affect the distribution of your values in subbtle and unintuitive ways.

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KSSV on 27 Jul 2021
Edited: KSSV on 27 Jul 2021
format long
A = single(rand(3)) ;
fmt = [repmat(' %0.6f',1,3),'\n'];
0.753020 0.794493 0.884238 0.019086 0.490358 0.960622 0.517914 0.845987 0.772295


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