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Observation data dimension error (numObservations)

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I've been trying to fix this issue for more than a week now however I can't crack it. When trying to run my simkulink model for reinforcement learning I get an error stating:
Error using rl.env.SimulinkEnvWithAgent>localHandleSimoutErrors (line 667)
Invalid observation type or size.
When running from simulink the error is the same. My code for the observation data is:
obsInfo = rlNumericSpec([3 1],...
'LowerLimit', [0 0 0]',...
'UpperLimit', [1 500 500]');
obsInfo.Name = 'observations';
obsInfo.Description = 'pulse, voltage error, integrated error';
numObservations = obsInfo.Dimension(1);
In my simulink model the observation signal has a dimension of 8; however whenever I try to modify my code to take this into account and have the dimensions match up - I get an error.
Does anyone have any advcie as to how to modify the matlab code such that the dimensions will match up? Or is this error perhaps a result of something else entirely! Any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome.
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Abd Al-Rahman Al-Remal
Abd Al-Rahman Al-Remal on 13 Jul 2021
Apologies; for clarification the error could be due to the action signal diemsnions however the action signal dimension needs to be what it currently is set to (1) so I dont think this is where the issue is as the simulink error message takes me to code where the error is in the observation information.

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