Plotting Data by Using Loaded TXT File and Gui Pushbutton Problem

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Dear, everyone. I have a problem with my Gui Pushbutton Script to plt my loaded txt data here... This is my script :
function pushbutton11_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
% hObject handle to pushbutton11 (see GCBO)
% eventdata reserved - to be defined in a future version of MATLAB
% handles structure with handles and user data (see GUIDATA)
formku = guidata(gcbo);
[namafile,direktori]=uigetfile('*.txt','Load Data Magnet LEMI RAW','Multiselect','on');
eval(['cd ''' direktori ''';']);
eval(['mydata=load(''' namafile ''')']);
tahun = mydata(:,1); %: Getting data in column 1
bulan = mydata(:,2); %: Getting data in column 2
tanggal = mydata(:,3); %: Getting data in column 3
jam = mydata(:,4); %: Getting data in column 4
menit = mydata(:,5); %: Getting data in column 5
detik = mydata(:,6); %: Getting data in column 6
kompx = mydata(:,7); %: Getting data in column 7
kompy = mydata(:,8); %: Getting data in column 8
kompz = mydata(:,9); %: Getting data in column 9
w = seconds((3600*jam)+(60*menit)+ detik);
w.Format = 'hh:mm';
D = datetime(tahun,bulan,tanggal,jam,menit,detik,'TimeZone','Asia/Jakarta');
s = (w/86400)+tanggal;
for i=1:length(detik)
hmagnet = sqrt((kompx.^2)+(kompy.^2));
fmagnet = sqrt((kompx.^2)+(kompy.^2)+(kompz.^2));
p = plot(D, hmagnet);
xlabel('Time Series','fontweight','bold','fontsize',10);
ylabel('Horizontal Magnetic Component Of Non IAGA Lemi Format (nT)','fontweight','bold','fontsize',10);
set(formku.satu,'Color',[1 0.96 0.9],...
grid on
I just want to get the desired column data to be calculated by using Pythagoras formula as hmagnet or fmagnet data column and then plotting the result versus TIME data in D variable on my GUI .fig program but it never happened.
It just show me as a blank cartesian default figure.... So everyone, im so grateful if you help my problem here... Thank you very much...
Rik on 8 Jul 2021
One minor addition: the handles struct is already loaded, so your first line is not required.
I guessed your language by pasting your comments in Google translate.

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