Solver could not solve the system of algebraic equations, how do I solve that?

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Tiange He
Tiange He on 17 Jun 2021
An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated
Caused by:
  • Solver encountered an error while simulating model 'maincircuit' at time 0 and cannot continue. Please check the model for errors.
  • Solver could not solve the system of algebraic equations because a singular iteration matrix was encountered. Consider providing more accurate initial conditions. If the problem persists, check the model structure and values of parameters.

Answers (1)

Shravan Kumar Vankaramoni
Shravan Kumar Vankaramoni on 19 Aug 2021
The error occurred because one of the parameters might be given a value "NaN". You can check this by enabling the "Show value label of selected port" for the signals and checking where the value is Inf or NaN.

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