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how to save pcap file after extracting groud plane

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I extracted ground data using 'segmentGroundFromLidarData(ptCloud)' form 3D lidar (Velodyne) data. How to save ground segmented data as a pcap file to use for the further process?
I tried to save using as below but it is not working out.
save GroudData.pcap groundPtsIdx
Please find the code:
veloReader = velodyneFileReader('lidar.pcap','VLP16');
for i = 1 : 597
% Read current frame.
ptCloud = veloReader.readFrame(i);
% Create label array.
colorLabels = zeros(size(ptCloud.Location,1),size(ptCloud.Location,2));
% Find the ground points.
groundPtsIdx = segmentGroundFromLidarData(ptCloud);
% Map color ground points to green.
colorLabels(groundPtsIdx (:)) = greenIdx;
% Map color nonground points to red.
colorLabels(~groundPtsIdx (:)) = redIdx;
%save GroudData.pcap groundPtsIdx

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