How do i reshape the matrix from 2D- 3D?

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NN on 25 May 2021
Commented: Rik on 25 May 2021
I have a matrix 6x1000 double in matlab.How can i convert it to 3D as 6x1000x1 format ?
My input is times series data and i need to give it to sequence input layer for performing convolution.
I have tried
It didnt give errors, but B appeared same as 6 x 1000 double.
Input size of sequence input layer is given as 6 x 1000 x1.
and without reshaping/converting i am getting the below error while executing.
Invalid training data. Sequence responses must have the same sequence length as the
corresponding predictors.
Rik on 25 May 2021
The error message spoke of two things: response and predictor. You only mention one size.

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