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how do i define a convolution layer for time series data matlab

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how do i define a convolution layer for time series data matlab using deep learning designer app?When i use sequence input layer before convolution layer , it shows input size mismatch error

Accepted Answer

Davide Fantin
Davide Fantin on 24 May 2021
As of MATLAB R2021a, defining a convolution layer for time series data is not directly supported in Deep Network Designer.
Currently, the 1-D convolution operation is available through the custom training loop workflow with a "model as function" approach and you can find an example available in the doc here:
The Development team is aware of this limitation and will consider to address it in future releases.
Solutions that you can try:
  • Recurrent Neural Network (lstmLayer, gruLayer, ...), available in Deep Network Designer App
  • Adaptation of Feed-Forward Networks, i.e. folding/unfolding of sequences and a fullyConnectedLayer in between, available in Deep Network Designer App.
  • Convolutional Neural Network approach as described in the aforementioned example, using a custom training loop (hence not using Deep Network Designer)
Hope this helps!

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Girijashankar Sahoo
Girijashankar Sahoo on 24 May 2021
Choose length of input is same as length of comvolution layer
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NN on 24 May 2021
Thanks for the suggestion , but please let me know how i can do it .?i am attaching the layer details,which parameter should i change in accordance with number of features as in sequence input data?

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