How to convert "64x128 single" into "64x128 double"?

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Rachel Dawn
Rachel Dawn on 14 May 2021
Answered: KSSV on 14 May 2021
I imported an array from python with this shape: (5, 25, 64, 128, 1) It's 5 sets of 25 images that are 64x128. I tried plotting one of these images on matlab to check if the data imported correctly and it did. this is the code i used to print the image (see below).
imagesc(-x); colormap(gray);axis equal; axis tight; axis off;pause(1e-6)
But, for some reason the workspace says that x is a "64x128 SINGLE" vs. "64x128 DOUBLE" (not sure what this means but it should be double, otherwise when I input this x variable into a topology optimization code I needed it for, I get this error (below). When I use a 64x128 double generated in matlab, code works.
Error using +
Sparse single array arithmetic operations are not supported.
Error in comp_gen>FE (line 90)
K(edof,edof) = K(edof,edof) + x(ely,elx)^penal*KE;
Error in comp_gen (line 19)

Answers (1)

KSSV on 14 May 2021
You can convert a array A which single into double using:
A = double(A) ;
Read about single and double.

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