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How to correct the regenerated plot of given analytical solution of ODE?

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The analytical solution for this ODE is given belown and written as MATLAB in code routine:
t = -log(1-a)/((K1+K2)*(B-1)) + log(1-(a/B))/((K1+(K2*B))*(B-1)) + (K2*log(1+((a*K2)/K1)))/((K1+(K2*B))*(K1+K2));
and for
t = -(1/K3)*(log((1-a)/0.7))+tc;
tc = -log(0.7)/((K1+K2)*(B-1)) + log(1-(0.3/B))/((K1+(K2*B))*(B-1)) + (K2*log(1+((0.3*K2)/K1)))/((K1+(K2*B))*(K1+K2));
other constants used are:
R = 8.314;
T = 450;
B = 0.4:0.54;
A1 = 2.101e9;
A2 = -2.014e9;
A3 = 1.960e9;
delE1 = 8.07e4;
delE2 = 778e4;
delE3 = 5.66e4;
K1 = A1*exp(-delE1/(R*T));
K2 = A2*exp(-delE2/(R*T));
K3 = A3*exp(-delE1/(R*T));
k = K1/K2;
I regenerated the plot for from the the given solution:
But the actual plot of the given solution is
where I'm doing WRONG?
Please guide me.

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