How to match two point-cloud?

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Geoffrey on 3 Jul 2013
Hello there, I have two 2D point-cloud with the same number of element. For example :
So how to reorder each line in the matrix corresponding of the red figure to have the same position than the matrix corresponding of the blue figure?
for example if i plot the position of each point of each matrix i got :
plot(cloud1(:,1),cloud1(:,2),'b+');hold on;set(gca,'dataaspectratio',[1 1 1])
for l = 1:length(cloud1)
text(cloud1(l,1)+3,cloud1(l,2)+5,num2str(l), ...
for l = 1:length(cloud2)
text(cloud2(l,1)+3,cloud2(l,2)+5,num2str(l), ...
As you can see the points in the red matrix are bad organised. The point in the position 224 in the red matrix should be in the position 300 etc...
I suppose that i should use ICP but i don't know how... Thank you for your help.

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Matt J
Matt J on 3 Jul 2013
Edited: Matt J on 3 Jul 2013
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Geoffrey on 3 Jul 2013
But i didn't want to rotate or translate my red cloud, I only want to find the corresponding points in the blue cloud. The positions of my points mustn't change.
To be simple i have in entry :a blue matrix well ordered (the reference) and a red matrix wrong ordered .
I would like in output :a blue matrix well ordered and a red matrix well ordered.

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