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importance of weights in optimization

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NN on 22 Apr 2021
Edited: johnnynoc4sh on 6 Oct 2021
This code written below is taken from matlab example ,
Can someone please help me to understand the importance of weights in optimisation and and why final weight is multiplied with Ebatt in the objective function ?
% Minimize cost of electricity from the grid
prob.ObjectiveSense = 'minimize';
prob.Objective = dt*Cost'*PgridV - FinalWeight*EbattV(N);
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johnnynoc4sh on 5 Oct 2021
Edited: johnnynoc4sh on 6 Oct 2021
I´m also working on this example. Unfortunately I also couldn´t figure out, what the mentioned line means. The documentation lacks this information. I guess it is about giving the solver the information, that a certain state of charge at the end of the optimization process should be archieved. Since the documentation lacks informations it is not clear what kind of unit FinalWeight has.

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