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matlab optimisation problem _ constraint

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Hi, this is a code from matlab optimisation problem given in the below link
% Power input/output to battery
prob.Constraints.energyBalance = optimconstr(N);
prob.Constraints.energyBalance(1) = EbattV(1) == Einit;
prob.Constraints.energyBalance(2:N) = EbattV(2:N) == EbattV(1:N-1) - PbattV(1:N-1)*dt;
please explain what it means!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Apr 2021
A problem is being constructed. It has constraints. One constraint is named energyBalance .
The first line, optimconstr(N) says that a constraint with N parts is being constructed.
The assignment to energyBalance(1) says that the first constraint is that the first battery voltage must be a particular initial condition.
The assignment to energyBalance(2:N) says that the next N-1 constraints are that the battery voltages must decrease each time by Pbattv*dt .

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