How do I find the corresponding dates for maximum prices?

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Hello. I have a matrix A with dimensions 366x24 which contains values and a matrix B which contains dates-time (366x24 datetime). For each row of matrix A I found the maximum value (366X1). What I'm trying to do is find out on what date these maximum values correspond. Below is the code I wrote but the results it gives me are wrong.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Apr 2021
[Max_values, Max_index] = max(A,[],2);
Time_of_max_values = B(Max_index)
This assumes that if multiple copies of the same maximum value appear in a row, that you only want to see one of them. If that is not true, then you need a redesign as each row would have a variable number of times associated.
arrayfun(@(rowidx) B(A(rowidx,:) == max(A(rowidx,:))), (1:size(A,1)).', 'uniform', 0)
stelios loizidis
stelios loizidis on 5 Apr 2021
Sorry. I mean 2012.
As for the matrices unfortunately i can not upload them

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