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Work with 2 raspberry pi together on Matlab

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I want to right a code that will be able to work with 2 raspberry pi in parellel.
I have function that works with the first raspberry pi (name it A) and another function that works with the second raspberry pi (name it B).
When I try to call both of the functions, only the first one is works...
Is it possible at all to be connected to 2 raspberry pi through Matlab in parallel?
If yes - what am I missing here?

Accepted Answer

Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara on 25 Mar 2021
Edited: Stefanie Schwarz on 11 Jan 2022
You can create two different raspi objects.
raspiObjA = raspi('<A's_IP_addr>')
raspiObjB = raspi('<B's_IP_addr>')
Now call your function with either raspiObjA or raspiObjB as input argument, e.g.
returnValueA = myCustomFunction(raspiObjA, var1);
returnValueB = myCustomFunction(raspiObjB, var2);

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