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Why does PowerGUI Library Link keeps disabling?

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I have a simulink model that I copied from another model. I did some changes and when I run the model, the broken chain appears in the powerGUI block and it says "Disabled library link: powerlib/powergui". Model works though (much slower than the original model). No error happens when this link is disabled. I can then either run it again disabled or restore the link and run it but after compiling it disables the link again.
How can I prevent this from happening? Should I worry about this? Is this the reason why my model is much slower than the original one?
Note: When running the model without the powergui, error comes up notifiying that this block is required.
Ruben Kopischke
Ruben Kopischke on 29 Apr 2021
I happen to have the same issue! Have you found a solution yet?
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez on 29 Apr 2021
Unfortunately not. My program keeps running and working with this broken link, but I dont know if I should worry about this or not.

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Accepted Answer

Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 13 May 2021
Hi Juan,
It is expected behavior for the powergui block library link to become disabled in some situations.
Due to the way the some blocks in the SimPowerSystems library are implemented it is necessary to disable links to the SimPowerSystem library when the model is updated. To examine exactly why this breaking of links is necessary it may help to look deeper into the functionality and implementation of the powergui block. Among other things this block can do analysis of the circuit. In order to do this it must be able to get the current and amplitude from other blocks within the SimPowerSystems library. It gets these values and performs analysis by building an equivalent circuit model within the powergui block and placing goto blocks within some other SimPowerSystem blocks in order to gather data while the model is running. These changes require that that the powergui block and some other SimPowerSystem blocks disable their links from the libraries in order to change goto tags.
It is not recommended to manually edit and push changes back to the SimPowerSystems library as this may cause unexpected results in this and in other models. Since the SimPowerSystems libraries should not be changed there is no danger in leaving the links to these blocks disabled as they were designed to be.
Hope this helps!

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