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phase portrait for system of ode

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for this system i am finding phase portraits ,my code is
clear all
r = 1430;
a = -0.0683;
b = 0.0676;
c = 36*10^-9;
g = -0.0676;
[x,y]=meshgrid(-2:0.01:2.05, -2:0.01:2.05);
dx = y;
dy = -(1/c)*((1/r)+g+a+b*abs(x)).*y-x/(l*c)
streamslice(x, y, dx, dy,'filled');
% hold on
% figure
quiver(x, y, dx, dy);
% plot(dx,dy)
% figure
title('Phase portrait')
% axis tight
my output is coming fizzy but i want one single elliptical nature phase portrait

Accepted Answer

SaiDileep Kola
SaiDileep Kola on 26 Feb 2021
Refer the answer to similar topic here

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